Tissot T-Pocket Watches

Discover the stunning range of pocket watches from renowned Swiss watchmaker, Tissot. The T-Pocket collection features high quality, vintage-inspired designs, making for the ideal gift or charming accessory.

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History of Tissot T-Pocket Watches 

The Tissot story starts with pocket watches in 1853. The Swiss watchmaking brand was the first to introduce mass-produced pocket watches, making what was once an exclusive item of luxury accessible to all. 


But despite their mass-production and accessibility, these pocket watches remained high in quality, and were able to capture the attention of countless significant figures in history. Notably, Czar Nicholas II, the last Russian Emperor, took a keen interest in Tissot timepieces in 1904, just some years after the brand’s founders moved from Switzerland to Russia.


However, the brand’s pocket watch innovations did not end at mass-production. It was also the first company to develop a pocket watch with two time zones. 


Today, the T-Pocket range by Tissot comprises beautifully crafted pieces that pay tribute to the brand’s rich history, while offering modern day wearers a contemporary timekeeping accessory to customise outfits, or to simply add to their collection. 

Unique features Tissot T-Pocket watches

The Tissot T-Pocket watch collection features models that are both beautiful in design and highly functional in terms of performance. Some notable features of these exquisite pieces include:


  • Nostalgic designs 
  • Mechanical manual winding or quartz movements
  • Mineral crystal protection 
  • Options in mixed metals 
  • Vintage-inspired watch face
  • Date window 

Top Tissot T-Pocket watches 

Within the Tissot T-Pocket collection, there are a number of watch lines, appealing to various wearers and collectors through their unique features and designs. These lines include pendants and stand alone models among others. 


One of the most popular Tissot T-Pocket ranges is the Savonnette line. You can shop various Tissot T-Pocket Savonnette watches at Wallace Allan, including:


  • Tissot Savonnette gold plated pocket watch
  • Tissot Savonnette stainless steel pocket watch