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Gucci watches

Shop our collection of Gucci watches for men and women. The stylish collection eludes opulence with gold detailing, iconic motifs and unique watch designs, creating the perfect wrist accessories for a touch of everyday luxury.

Gucci watches

The History of Gucci Watches

Whilst Gucci’s venture into the world of watchmaking began in the early 1970s, the luxury fashion house had already made a name for itself long before that. Founded in 1921 by the Italian-British designer Guccio Gucci, the company initially operated out of a small shop located in Florence, Italy. Building on its founder’s first-hand knowledge of the luxury lifestyle – which he had acquired working in high-end establishments such as the Savoy Hotel – it wasn’t long before the brand opened its first dedicated workshop.


Gucci expanded rapidly as the years went by. Many of the characteristic fabrics now employed by Gucci were born out of necessity in the 1930s, when a trade embargo forced it to look beyond the use of leather. The year 1937 also saw the emergence of what was to become one of the brand’s most iconic accessories: the Gucci handbag.


Fast forward several decades, and Guccio Gucci’s son Aldo Gucci found himself in a meeting with the Belgian-born businessman Severin Wunderman. While in New York, Wunderman convinced Gucci to try his hand at watch production, with the former fulfilling the company’s first order. The move turned out to be a significant commercial success, leading Severin to secure a licensing agreement from Gucci. Luxury watches bearing the Gucci name began flooding into department stores and high-end boutiques, establishing the brand as a reputable watchmaker.


After the introduction of its very first watch, the Model 2000, luxury watchmaking quickly became an important aspect of Gucci’s operations, with consumers around the world praising the quality of its timepieces. As such, many watches produced during this era are now highly sought-after by collectors. The gold-plated 3000M model, which was specifically designed to offer a unisex look, and the classically styled 7000M are both prime examples of Gucci’s superb attention to detail.


Following the turbulent 1980s – a time at which Gucci had been heavily affected by internal disputes – the brand made its return to the watch market during the second half of the 1990s. Around the same time, Gucci acquired crucial assets still held by Severin Wunderman. From there, the brand pursued an aggressive tactic focused on strengthening its market share, driving the acquisition of major brands such as Yves Saint Laurent Couture. This laid the basis for the enviable reputation still held by Gucci today, helping the brand shape its position as a global leader in premium watchmaking.


Gucci Watches for Men

Gucci watches for men are characterised by daring designs that venture beyond the bounds of tradition. The Wallace Allan collection offers many examples of that notion, including the brand’s famed G-Timeless Bracelet Watch. Gucci’s broad range of unisex pieces also caters to the style and functionality favoured by modern men, with the futuristic Grip Steel and Grip Black Chronograph effortlessly ticking both of these boxes.


Gucci Ladies Watches

Having operated at the pinnacle of luxury fashion throughout its existence, Gucci has become synonymous with elegance in all its aspects. That reputation extends into its timepieces, with some of the most notable Gucci ladies watches including the classic G-Timeless Diamond, the G-Frame Mesh Bracelet and the magnificently designed G-Timeless Star & Bee Decor.


Gucci Watches: The Top Models

Narrowing Gucci watches down to a handful of top models is no mean feat, with the brand having produced countless timepieces worth mentioning. Having said that, some models are considered so iconic that they have practically gone on to live lives of their own. One such timepiece is the brand’s GRAMMY Special Edition watch, which has its origins in a 2010 partnership between Gucci and the Recording Academy. As far as design is concerned, the brand’s Interlocking Iconic Bezel models are amongst its most striking. Some of the most luxurious watches in the Gucci family include the following; 



Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Gucci watch?

As the world’s foremost luxury fashion house, Gucci primarily manufactures timepieces that fall within the medium and high price ranges. Most entry-level Gucci watches start at around £600, whilst higher-end models may run in the thousands. Limited edition pieces and those that incorporate the most precious materials regularly come with a five-figure price tag.


How do I check a Gucci watch’s serial number?

A Gucci watch’s serial number is usually located on or inside the back cover. You may come across the serial number in different locations depending on the watch you’ve purchased, although the most common place for most models is the cover. Gucci also supplies its timepieces alongside an official certificate of authenticity and serial number, allowing you to independently verify its authenticity.


Cross-referencing the serial number isn’t the only method of determining whether or not your Gucci timepiece is legitimate. For example, you may spot significant differences in the craftsmanship of the watch, especially in or around the face. While authentic Gucci timepieces are often constructed using stainless steel or gold, replica pieces are almost certain to feel lighter due to their use of inferior materials. The markings found on reproduction Gucci watches may also differ significantly from their authentic counterparts.


Where are Gucci watches made?

Gucci watches are made in La Chaux-De-Fonds, Switzerland. Legendary for its horological heritage, La Chaux-De-Fonds is home to many of the world’s most iconic watchmakers, including a dedicated atelier operated by Gucci. As a luxury brand focused almost exclusively on the high-end segment, authenticity plays an important role in driving the success of Gucci’s timepieces.


Are Gucci watches waterproof?

Generally speaking, the term ‘waterproof’ has long been considered problematic throughout the watchmaking industry. Whilst many modern timepieces are specifically constructed to be water resistant at considerable depths, it would be misleading to describe any watch as being completely waterproof. In particularly high-pressure conditions, there is always a risk of moisture seeping into the watch case or movement. Gucci instead offers a variety of water resistant watches, including its dedicated Dive Watch.


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