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Longines watches

Our selection of Longines watches for both men and women spans some of the brand’s most elegant and stylish designs, including models from the Conquest, HydroConquest and Symphonette families. Perfect for any occasion, your next luxury watch is here waiting to be discovered.

Longines watches

The History of Longines Watches

Longines is one of several watchmakers to have emerged in the Swiss town of Saint-Imier. Its founder, watchmaker Auguste Agassiz, originally partnered with lawyers Florian Morel and Henri Raiguel to form Raiguel Jeune & Cie. Morel and Raiguel retired from their duties some fourteen years later, prompting Agassiz to begin the search for his new business partner.


The addition of his nephew Ernest Francillon paved the way for some of the company’s most notable innovations. At Francillon’s insistence, the brand steered away from the production of key-wound watches, opting for a crown-wound technique instead. This would prove to be the beginning of Francillon’s instrumental role in developing the brand, assuming leadership of the company not long after.


Francillon is credited with overseeing the watchmaker’s move towards mass production during the second half of the 1860s. The location of his first factory was known as ‘Les Longines’, providing the inspiration for the company’s new name. With the necessary logistics in place, Longines developed its first self-produced movement, the 20A, in 1867. Further innovations followed in the ensuing decades, including the production of Longines’ 20H chronograph movement. Like several other watchmakers at the time, Longines leveraged chronographs’ ability to be stopped and started at will. Its watches came to enjoy particular usage in equestrian sports, an association that continues to exist to this very day.


The Longines name was trademarked in 1880, with its iconic winged hourglass logo following suit in 1889. The registration of the Longines trademark would go on to have particular significance as the oldest valid trademark still in use in its original form, with its logo having remained unchanged ever since. Throughout the remainder of the 19th century, Longines intensified its focus on precision timekeeping.


By 1918, the watchmaker’s reputation for accuracy had resulted in an official partnership with the International Aeronautical Federation (IAF). It wasn’t long before Longines began to produce new and exciting timepieces, including the hand-wound mechanical movement known as the 30CH. In the mid-1950s, the combination of a camera and quartz-based timepiece laid the basis for the Chronocinégines, which allowed racing judges to determine the precise moment at which athletes crossed the finish line.


A 1983 merger between major Swiss watchmakers ASUAG and SSIH saw Longines cement its position at the forefront of modern luxury watchmaking. Just five years later, the brand had become an essential division of the legendary Swatch Group, successfully producing some of the most popular timepieces in modern horology.


Longines Men’s Watches

Longines’ reputation for stylistic classicism is visible throughout its collection. The automatic Record Two-Tone Automatic combines timeless design with the range of features you’d expect to find in a Longines men’s watch. In turn, the delightfully dark Longines Conquest V.H.P. Black incorporates a high-quality quartz movement for optimal accuracy. Variations on some of Longines’ most enduring models, such as the HydroConquest Automatic Green, the Heritage Classic and the Master Collection Moonphase all stand testament to the brand’s unmistakable originality and workmanship.


Longines Ladies Watches

Elegance, charm and sophistication – those are the words that best describe the range of Longines ladies watches selected for the Wallace Allan collection. From the sparkling look of the DolceVita Steel & Rose Diamonds to the stately La Grande Classique Two-Tone, each of these looks has stood the test of time. Add to that the likes of the stripped-down Symphonette Steel or the automatic Saint-Imier Ladies Auto, and you’d be hard-pressed not to find a piece that captures the imagination.


Longines Watches: The Top Models

Many of Longines’ top models are distinguished by their sophisticated mechanics, rarity and usage of precious materials. One such model is the Agassiz 180th Anniversary Limited Edition, which boasts a staggering 180 diamonds. Other top-of-the-line models include the following;




Frequently Asked Questions

Are Longines watches waterproof?

The term ‘waterproof’ has fallen into disuse throughout the modern watch industry. This is because no watch can be guaranteed to be completely impervious to the effects of water, with brands instead opting to focus their timepieces around water resistance. As such, Longines offers a variety of models that are water resistant up to 30, 50, 100 and 300 meters.


Are Longines watches worth the money?

As a frontrunner in the manufacture of affordable luxury timepieces, Longines offers strong value for money throughout their collection. Depending on the specifications you’re looking for, you can find a feature-packed Longines timepiece at a significantly lower price than many of its competitors. That’s not to say that the brand focuses exclusively on affordability: premium models such as the PrimaLuna and Les Elegantes de Longines are capable of giving even the most sophisticated timepiece a run for its money.


Just how good are Longines watches?

Longines is one of the most popular watchmakers currently on the market, manufacturing high-quality timepieces worn and admired across the globe. As part of the Swatch Group – the world’s largest watchmaking manufacturer – Longines stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of OMEGA and Tissot. Since the company’s humble beginnings in 1832, its watches have acquired a reputation for their quality construction and stylistic excellence.


Is Longines considered a luxury watch brand?

Longines enjoys a rich heritage as one of the most long-standing luxury watch brands. At the same time, the brand also places significant emphasis on the manufacture of luxury timepieces with a broad appeal and lower price point. For that reason, many Longines models are considerably more affordable than those produced by watchmakers focusing specifically on the high-end, such as Patek Philippe or Rolex. Each of these companies operates within the luxury market, although their specific focus may vary from brand to brand.


Do Longines watches hold value?

The resale value of Longines timepieces is similar to that of other luxury watch brands. Rare, vintage or limited edition models are most likely to hold or increase their value in the long-term, whilst entry-level and mid-range watches are expected to decrease in value following their purchase. Some of the most sought-after Longines pieces include those that hold a particular historical significance, offer high-quality specifications and are kept in the best possible condition.


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