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Georg Jensen Jewellery

Danish designer brand Georg Jensen is a major name in the world of fine jewellery, and our range of silverware pieces makes it easy to see why. Offering stylish highlights across the collection, you’ll find top quality jewellery capable of elevating any look or occasion.

Georg Jensen Jewellery

The History of Georg Jensen Jewellery

The history of Georg Jensen jewellery starts with the iconic silversmith who bears its name. Born in a rural area of Denmark in 1866, Georg Jensen was inspired by the natural environment from an early age. Having studied sculpting and applied arts, he gained practical experience training as a gold- and silversmith. His first piece of jewellery – a belt buckle forged in 1899 – offered an early indication of Jensen’s passion for artisan silverware. He accepted a position working as a foreman in a workshop near Copenhagen, but quickly moved to set up shop as an independent silversmith in 1904.


Demonstrating a talent for craftsmanship, many local designers looked to Jensen to turn their concepts into high-quality silverware. As the company grew, Jensen renewed his focus on his own drawings and designs, developing a unique aesthetic in the process. Needless to say, the quality of Jensen’s early pieces didn’t go unnoticed. In 1909, he was commissioned by the Copenhagen-based Palace Hotel to design silver flatware for use in its dining halls. In fact, the design in question proved to be so popular that it was later reproduced as its own separate set.


The Georg Jensen brand produced many iconic patterns during the first few decades of its existence. The Fuchsia (1906), Dahlia (1912), Lily of the Valley (1913) and Akkeleje (1918) designs were each heavily influenced by Art Nouveau, a style that would continue to be a source of inspiration in later years.


Jensen’s creations were showcased to great acclaim at several major exhibitions, growing his reputation both within his native country and abroad. Following the establishment of the first Georg Jensen factory in 1919, the brand soon opened up branches in major cities such as London and New York. By the 1930s, Georg Jensen had become a force to be reckoned with. Now a global brand with thousands of patterns in production, the company proved instrumental in introducing Scandinavian silverware to an international audience.


Upon Georg Jensen’s death in 1935, ownership passed to his son, Søren Georg Jensen. Under his leadership, the brand continued to produce premium jewellery and flatware featuring designs from prominent artists. This includes the brand’s Rune series (1937), which was conceived by the celebrated Danish painter and designer Johan Rohde. Other iconic creations include the 1937 Nordic (by O. Gundlach-Pedersen), the 1957 Caravel (by Henning Koppel), the 1961 Argo (by Magnus Stephensen) and the 1981 Koppel (by Rigmor Andersen and Annelise Bjorner).


Modern-day silverware produced by Georg Jensen is characterised by the same flowing forms pioneered by the company’s founder. With its roots firmly planted in Scandinavian design, the brand’s distinctive aesthetic continues to capture the imagination of contemporary collectors and silverware enthusiasts alike.


Georg Jensen Earrings

Characterised by their puristic design and high-quality sterling silver, our Georg Jensen earrings are the ideal accessory. Take a quick browse through our collection, and you’ll discover magnificent pieces such as the striking Offspring Earhoop, the abstract Infinity Earcuffs and the unforgettable Peak Earrings.


Georg Jensen Rings

Modern, clean and original in every way, Georg Jensen rings are instantly recognisable in every circumstance. The Fusion Centre Ring combines the abstraction of Scandinavian aesthetics with the splendour of sapphires, whilst the Fusion End Ring with Diamonds takes opulence to a whole new level. If you’re looking for one of the brand’s signature Art Nouveau pieces, the Moonlight Grapes Ring is another excellent choice.


Georg Jensen Necklaces

The beauty of Danish minimalism is a recurring theme throughout our range of Georg Jensen necklaces. The Moonlight Grapes Sautoir echoes classic Georg Jensen designs found elsewhere in the collection, while the Hearts Large Pendant – which was designed by the legendary Henning Koppel – represents a powerful symbol of love. If you’re looking for a statement piece guaranteed to catch the eye, you’ll find much to love in the almost kaleidoscopic Savannah Pendant.


Georg Jensen Bracelets

Georg Jensen bracelets are noted for their femininity, refinement and grace. Incorporating the superior silver you’d expect from such a legendary brand, pieces such as the Infinity Bangle, the Moonlight Grapes Bangle and the Torun Bangle with Diamonds offer a taste of what’s available. Whichever look you go for, you’re sure to find a design to suit your unique style.


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