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Oris watches

These beautifully designed luxury watches by Oris are characterised by their opulence, style and functionality. Discover highlights from many of the brand’s most iconic ranges, including the Aquis, Divers and Artelier collections.

Oris watches

The History of Oris Watches

Like many great successes in the history of watchmaking, the story of the Oris brand starts in Switzerland. It all began with the closure of Lohner & Co, a watch factory situated in the Swiss town of Hölstein. In 1904, Oris founders Paul Cattin and Georges Christian – who both originated from Le Locle – decided to revitalise the factory and establish their very own watchmaking business.


With the necessary logistics in place, Cattin and Christian soon began producing pocket watches under the Oris name. The move proved to be a commercial success, prompting them to open up a second location after only two years in business. Having employed around 65 people in its first year, the number of watchmakers working at Oris had grown to more than 300 by 1911. By this time, the company had already become the largest employer in the local area, with factories and assembly plants situated throughout various parts of Switzerland.


Having initially focused on the manufacture of pocket watches alone, rapid expansion soon enabled the company to branch out into other areas. Oris began producing wristwatches in the early 1920s, with alarm clocks following suit during the 1930s. Its product range continued to evolve over the course of the following years, culminating in the introduction of its iconic Big Crown pilot’s watch in 1938.


Oris significantly adapted its operations for the duration of WWII. In the 1950s, the brand played a major role in opposing the so-called ‘Watch Statute’: a regulatory law that prevented watchmakers from introducing new technologies. The following decade proved to be immensely successful for the Oris brand, with Swiss watchmakers dominating the global watch market.


The entire watchmaking industry was thrown into disarray following Seiko’s introduction of quartz in December 1969 – an innovation that drove countless traditional watchmakers into bankruptcy. As manufacturers of quartz-based timepieces began to gain market share, Oris became one of many Swiss watchmakers to re-evaluate its strategy. Having endured a general decline throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Oris had successfully reinvented itself by the close of the century.


Several new innovations were introduced after the turn of the millennium, including the brand’s signature Red Rotor, the Quick Lock Crown System and the Aquis Depth Gauge. Today, Oris focuses its most popular models around motorsports, diving, aviation and culture, producing some of the finest timepieces Swiss watchmaking has to offer.


Oris Men’s Watches

Oris men’s watches are noted for their careful construction and sophisticated design. The Wallace Allan collection stands testament to that notion, bringing together magnificent timepieces worthy of the coveted ‘Swiss-made’ label. This includes the high-flying Big Crown ProPilot Big Date and the stunning Artelier Skeleton – the first skeleton watch to have appeared in the Oris Artelier range. Add to that the marine-focused Aquis Date Relief and the celebratory Big Crown Pointer Date 80th Anniversary Edition, and you’re sure to find the right Oris timepiece for you.


Oris Ladies Watches

Over the course of more than a century, Oris ladies watches have become synonymous with refinement, style and mechanical excellence. The diamond-studded Aquis Date Diamonds is a prime example, combining a water resistant functionality with precious stones and a striking white dial. If you’re in search of a classic style, look no further than the Classic Date Ladies Two-Tone or the stately Aquis Date White Dial.


Oris Watches: The Top Models

Oris manufactures top models for consumers and collectors alike. One such model is the Audi Sport Black Dial, a special edition timepiece created in celebration of the brand’s partnership with Audi Sport. Another highlight is the Force Recon GMT, which offers water resistance up to a staggering 1,000 meters. In turn, the Big Crown 1917 – which is limited to a corresponding 1917 pieces – is often cited as being one of the brand’s most successful reinterpretations of the vintage aesthetic. Other watches in the Oris family include the following;



Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my Oris watch worth?

The worth of your oris watch is dependent on factors such as the model, its condition and the method of sale. If you’re looking to get the best possible price for your Oris watch, you may wish to consider trading it in. Having bought and sold luxury watches for generations, our specialists can provide you with an accurate estimate that helps finance a future purchase. We stock luxury watches and jewellery of all shapes and sizes, meaning you’re sure to find a magnificent piece to suit your needs. Contact us to see how we can help.


Are Oris watches collectable?

Yes, oris watches are collectable for a number of reasons. As one of the few independent Swiss watchmakers still in operation, Oris has continually produced high-quality watches ever since its establishment in 1904. That heritage expresses itself in the brand’s craftsmanship and attention to detail, solidifying its popularity amongst luxury watch enthusiasts.


The sheer variety of timepieces constructed by Oris is another reason why the brand has become sought-after by collectors. With hundreds of desirable models spanning each of its timeless collections, the search for the latest and greatest models is always in full swing. The brand’s decision to exclusively produce mechanical watches also affords it particular status amongst fervent watchmaking traditionalists.


Is Oris a luxury watch brand?

Yes, Oris is a luxury watch brand, and its reputation as a luxury brand is partly a result of its specialist approach. Unlike the broad strategy employed by mainstream watchmakers such as Seiko, Oris focuses solely on the core principles of Swiss watchmaking. From the brand’s trademark mechanical movements to the strict quality controls necessary to retain the ‘Swiss-made’ label, the Oris name commands significant admiration throughout the industry.


Are Oris watches a good investment?

Oris watches are a good investment because the exceptional design, construction and materials involved in the manufacture mean it can hold significant value over a longer period of time. Having said that, the investment potential of an Oris timepiece is largely dependent on the desirability of the watch and the degree to which it is cared for. Most luxury watches decrease in value shortly after purchase, but investing in a particularly rare, desirable or attractively priced model can prove to be financially attractive.


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