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Engagement Rings

Pop the question with the perfect ring from Wallace Allan. Our collection of engagement rings includes everything from classic styles to designs that are guaranteed to stun. Get your ideal ring today and spread the cost with an interest free repayment plan.

Engagement Rings

Bespoke Collection of Engagement Rings 

Our curated collection of engagement rings includes styles and designs to suit all. From traditional to contemporary styles, no matter your needs or preferences, Wallace Allan has a ring for you. 


Engagement rings are available to buy on an interest free payment plan, meaning you can spread the cost of your special purchase. Put a smile on their face instead of a strain on your pockets with our selection of affordably priced engagement rings. 

Gold Engagement Rings 

The metal type of the ring you choose matters. Engagement rings are available in both yellow and white gold, depending on preference. But nonetheless, both options are incredibly popular and offer stunning styles that any receiver will want to show off. 


Gold rings are the most traditional metal choice, although in a contemporary design, they are guaranteed to suit any modern day wearer. 


Similarly, rose gold engagement rings have increased in popularity in recent years, and are ideal for anyone wanting something trendy rather than traditional. 

Silver Engagement Rings 

While engagement rings are available in solid silver, the shiny effect can also be achieved with white gold rings. 


If you are looking for something more robust and that like your relationship, is guaranteed to stand the test of time, platinum or palladium options might be best, and these can also give off a glistening polished silver effect. 

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are another important consideration when choosing an engagement ring, but luckily, our collection includes a range of options that are guaranteed to meet your needs. 


Diamond engagement rings can seem daunting as there are so many settings, shapes and cuts to choose from. But with the help of an expert, you’ll be sure to find a ring with the perfect combination for your special someone. 


For instance, when choosing a diamond ring, setting options include claw, halo, channel, invisible, pave, bezel and cluster to name but a few.


Diamond shapes can include round, pear, baguette, emerald, marquise, oval, princess and radiant. 

Gemstone Engagement Rings 

If you want to pop the question with something truly personal, why not opt for one of our elegant gemstone engagement rings?


These rings offer the same level of stun and sophistication, but in a less traditional design that is guaranteed to catch eyes. 


Engagement rings in this collection are available solely with a range of precious gemstones and birthstones, or alongside diamonds. For example, you can choose a ring with sapphire, emerald, ruby, aquamarine, amethyst, opal and more!

How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring 

Picking the perfect engagement ring requires a few important details. First, you need to have a solid understanding of your partner’s style. This will help you to choose a ring that they will like and that will look perfect next to any other pieces in their jewellery and accessory collection. 


Although, an engagement ring is designed to be different. So don’t worry if you can’t find something that looks familiar. Instead, opt for a metal type that they would usually wear, or a diamond or gemstone colour that will suit. 


Next, you need to know the size of your partner’s finger. You can simply ask them for this information, using a sizing chart to identify the right fit. But if you are planning a surprise proposal, this might not be possible. 


Instead, you can ask a friend or family member to subtly ask them for you or, put on your detective’s hat and find out for yourself. You can try measuring a ring from their current collection, or taking one to a jeweller to measure for you. 


But don’t worry! If you do get the size slightly wrong, there is always the option to have it resized. 


Another common question is how much should you spend on an engagement ring?


There really is no right or wrong answer to this question. While traditions state that you should spend three months' salary on an engagement ring, the truth is, you should spend an amount that is right for you and your relationship. 


The value of an engagement ring is in no way a reflection of your love for your partner. Simply, set a budget that works for you, consider your partner’s likes and go from there. 


To help spread the cost of your engagement ring purchase, a finance plan option might be suitable. This makes the purchase more manageable and much less of a financial strain.