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Garmin Watches

Garmin smart watches are some of the best in class, combining the very latest in wearable technology with bold and stylish designs, which makes them the ideal everyday accessory. Discover the range of watches from the brand at Wallace Allan.

Garmin Watches

History of Garmin watches

Garmin is a well known American technology company that has enjoyed worldwide recognition for many years now. The brand was established in 1989 by Gary Burrell and Min H. Kao under the name ProNav, which fit its initial focus and success in navigation technology. 


Since adopting the name Garmin, a combination of the two founders’ first names, the brand has gone onto become a leader in aviation, marine, automotive, sport and fitness and outdoor GPS, handheld and wearable technology. 


Garmin’s first wristwatches were introduced to the brands already-diverse product range in 2003, making them somewhat of a newcomer to the world of watches. Despite this, Gramin has remained ahead of the curve when it comes to timekeeping, being one of the first to truly innovate the smart watch industry. 


Its first watches were geared towards runners, but the brand has since designed and developed other activity-specific models, including watches for golf, swimming and hiking. And keeping with its roots, leading GPS tracking is one of the selling points of the range of Garmin smart watches. 


Others include heart rate, calorie and performance monitoring, whereby data can easily be uploaded onto mobile applications or desktops for progress analysis. In recent years, the brand’s advanced smart watches have been fitted with Spotify integration, contactless payment functionality and bluetooth connectivity, making them not only practical, but also capable of enhancing the daily lives of their wearers. 

Garmin Ladies Watches

The Gramin smart watch collection includes some of the highest quality in women’s wearables. Combining best in class specifications in sports and fitness tracking with elegant and stylish designs, Garmin ladies watches are the perfect everyday accessory. 


Models from collections including fēnix, vívo, Venu, Forerunner and more come fitted with all the features you’d expect from a top of the range smart watch, but in compact, wearable sizes. This means they can be worn when training, or as you go about your daily life, comfortably. 

Garmin Men's Watches

The range of smart watches for men from Garmin is one of the most extensive on the market. With models for just about every sport and activity, and designs to complement every style. 


Watches from collections such as Instinct, D2, Approach, MARQ and more are available in a range of colours, sizes and with some of the highest performing features. Casual in design, watches will not only enhance your performance, but make the ideal everyday wrist accessory, too. 

Garmin Running Watches

Garmin’s first move into the timekeeping market was with running watches, namely the Forerunner series. 


Today, this collection of watches has developed to include some of the best in the field, and are often supported by professional athletes, amateurs and anyone starting off in the sport. 


The brand’s range of running watches has also surpassed a single series. Rather, its contribution to the sport can be seen with the Instinct, Venu, fēnix, vívo and other collections, too. No matter your ability level, needs or style, there is guaranteed to be a watch by the brand for you. 


GPS tracking is one of the underpinning aspects of these running watches, allowing wearers to track routes and distances with ease and accuracy. Performance tracking, bluetooth connectivity and phone integration are just some others, which also provide convenience and practicality. 

Garmin Golf Watches

The brand’s innovation in smart watches has enabled them to develop models for specific sports, including golf, providing the features and functions any professional golfer or ameteur will need. 


Play your greatest round with a Garmin golf watch from the Approach collection on your wrist. Golfing features include pre-loaded course maps, virtual caddie functionality, score keeping and more. 


Watches can be combined with an additional sensor tracking system that allows shot distances and club choices to also be tracked and monitored and then displayed on screen. 

Top Models of Garmin Watches 

In the extensive collection of Garmin watches, there are a few standout models. For example the MARQ Watch Driver is one of the brand’s most renown contributions to motoracing. This particular model combines the very best in smart watch technology, including pre-loaded race tracks, with a luxury aesthetic which takes inspiration from the sport itself. 


The fēnix 6X Pro Solar is another model that deserves a mention. A smart watch by function, this watch features everything you would expect from a sport and fitness wearable accessory, including heart rate and distance tracking. But its atypical smart watch design, notably the titanium case and bracelet, make this watch an accessory that can be worn everyday, and for a number of occasions both on and off the field. Other watches in the Garmin family include;


Garmin tactix Delta

The tactix Delta watch collection features some of the brand’s most advanced models. As well as the same health and fitness tracking, connectivity and sporting features seen on other models, these unisex smart watches also include a number of tactical functions. For example, when out in the great outdoors, wearers can activate night vision, stealth mode, a kill switch, jumpmaster mode and location syncing, among others. 


Garmin fenix 6

The Garmin fenix 6 collection includes a range of models, such as the fenix 6X, fenix 6S, fenix 6 Solar editions, and the fenix 6 Pro and Sapphire editions. Models in the smart watch series showcase an all-encompassing range of sporting and connectivity features, with the availability of sizes and colours suitable for both men and women.


Garmin MARQ 

The Garmin MARQ collection features models for every type of athlete. From adventure-specific models that are fitted with functions designed to help in even the most extreme outdoor conditions, through to golfing, aviation and driving editions for men and women, these watches aim to improve the performance of any professional out there.


Garmin quantix 6

The Garmin quantix 6 smart watch collection includes titanium and solar models for men and women. These advanced pieces of equipment have been coined the ultimate outdoor watch, with a number of features and functions designed to enhance performance on land and in water. 



What is the best Garmin watch?

The Garmin watch collection is one of the most diverse and extensive in the field of smart watches. Therefore, it’s difficult to award just one the title of the best. Rather, the answer will depend on the reason you’re buying a watch and the function you want it to fulfil. 


For runners, the Forerunner collection includes some of the best options, whereas the Approach series is better suited for golfers and the D2 for aviation, with features to navigate the sky. 


The vívo collection features some of the brand’s best all-rounders, including pre-loaded features and apps for various sports and performance and fitness tracking, as well as music connectivity and a contactless payment solution. 

How long does it take to charge a Garmin watch?

The time it takes to charge a Garmin watch varies depending on the model you have. Fully charging a watch can take anywhere between one to four hours. For example, vívo models typically take between 60 - 90 minutes whereas Forerunners can take up to two hours. 


Models hold charge for different lengths of time, too. Some fēnix and MARQ models can last up to 14 days when in regular use. Watches also come with a battery saver mode, in which they can last up to 48 days in some cases.


It’s recommended to check the user manual of your particular model for more accurate information on battery charge times and life. 

How does a Garmin watch work?

Garmin watches have GPS integration, which via signals sent between satellites and the wearable device, can give you real-time data and accuracy of location, distance and speed travelled. 

The fitness monitoring element of these watches works through sensors located in the watch. Typically, you can see these lit up on the case back, and when these are pressed against the skin on your wrist, they are able to track things such as heart rate.