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Tissot Watches

Discover our range of Tissot watches, combining style, performance and affordable price. Shop collections including T-Sport, T-Classic, T-Lady, Heritage and more, as well as charming pocket watches from the renowned T-Pocket line.

Tissot Watches

History of Tissot Watches 

Tissot was founded in 1853, in the small city of Le Locle, Switzerland, by father and son duo, Charles-Félicien Tissot and Charles-Émile Tissot. The company began mass-manufacturing and selling pocket watches throughout the U.S. and Europe. 


Towards the end of the 19th century, the family moved to Russia, where it established the brand and its products and began selling watches across the Empire too. Proving just how successful they had been, in 1904, they received one of the highest requests from Czar Nicholas II, the last reigning Russian Emperor. 


When the Russian Revolution began, the company undoubtedly experienced unrest with a sudden loss of sales. But in true Tissot fashion, it saw the challenge as a time to innovate. 


Back in Switzerland, the Tissot factory grew to become bigger than ever, and was now able to manufacture all parts of its watches internally. With its resources now geared towards paving the way for a new opportunity, it was able to recognise how the increasing use of electricity was magnetising traditional watches and affecting their precision. As a result, the company set out to create the first anti-magnetic wristwatch. 


In the 1930s, Tissot formed an alliance with Omega and established the first Swiss watchmaking association, and also created a range of highly collectable Tissot-Omega watches. Together, they were able to boost their distribution networks and take their brands to new heights. 


In the years that followed, Tissot continued to dedicate its resources to innovation, producing a number of firsts. Among these are new watch materials, including timepieces made from stone, wood and pearl, as well as self-lubricating materials which eliminate the need for oil and reduce servicing requirements. 


Like most Swiss manufacturers, Tissot was producing watches using mechanical technology. Therefore, when electronic watches from Asia began taking the market by storm, the brand faced difficulty once again. 


That was until 1983 when the Swatch watch group took over Tissot and repositioned its Swiss finished watches as market leaders once more. Thanks to the new support, the company was able to set its sight on innovation again. Having noticed the world become ever more digital, it was able to pave the way for the watch market by producing the world’s first tactile watch, the T-Touch. 


Over the years, Tissot has built a strong association with the sports world, which is solidified through sponsorships, brand ambassadors and the title of the official timekeeper for many of the globe’s largest sporting events, including the Tour de France, NBA and motorGP. 


Today, Tissot sells watches in over 160 countries around the world, offering customers quality, precision, performance and luxury style through its many collections, all at a price they are willing to pay. 

Tissot Watches for Men 

The Tissot collection of watches for men features an extensive range of styles. Within the collection you can find everything from sports watches and diving watches, to dress watches and vintage-inspired pocket watches. 


With such a range on offer, you are guaranteed to find a watch in the collection that is suitable for every preference and occasion. For example, for a stylish, elegant dress piece, you will be sure to find a model in the T-Classic collection, such as the Gentlemen or the Le Locle Powermatic 80. 


For sports activities or for a more casual everyday look, the T-Sport collection is full of options, including the Seastar, Supersport or PRC 200. 

Tissot Watches for Women

Tissot has been producing ladies watches since its origins. While watches began as pendant pieces, today, you can find a wide selection of elegant, stylish, yet highly functional wristwatches for women in the collection. 


Notably, the T-Lady collection includes a number of popular designs, such as T-My Lady, Bellissima and Lovely. 

Tissot Top Watch Collections 

As a long standing watchmaker, Tissot has developed a number of popular watch collections. Each collection is distinct, while upholding the key values of the brand. Together, these collections tell the unique Tissot story, and as markets and consumer needs change, there’s no doubt that this will remain true. 

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