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Fope Jewellery

Fope jewellery are some of the most recognised pieces of fine jewellery all around the world, particularly the unique Flex’it collection. The intricately crafted pieces are guaranteed to stun, shine and sparkle.

Fope Jewellery

The History of Fope Jewellery 

Established in the northeastern Italian city of Vicenza, Fope jewellery designs are now known and adored the world over. The brand was founded by Umberto Cazzola in 1929, who later handed over the reins to son, Odino, and thus, sparking the beginning of the family run business. 


Fope began as a specialist supplier of watch bracelets, crafting its beautiful and innovative designs for some of the biggest watchmakers operating out of Switzerland at the time. Turning its attention to fine jewellery design some years later, the brand used its established and innovative linking systems to create contemporary, yet incredibly elegant and stylish jewellery for women. 


The brand is known and instantly recognised for its gold mesh chains used in everything from Fope bracelets and rings to necklaces. In more recent years, the innovative Flex’it system which has amassed worldwide status among modern consumers. 


Today, Fope pieces are still produced in the Italian city of Vicenza and distributed to over 50 countries in all corners of the globe. In essence, the brand has perfectly fulfilled the acronym which gave it its name - Factory of Jewellery Precious Export.

Why is Fope Jewellery Unique?

The real allure of a piece of Fope jewellery is its uniqueness. The brand has pioneered a revolutionary link system - the Flex’it system - which uses dozens of intricate 18ct gold springs placed between each link to stretch, contract and mould to the contours of each individual wearer. 


Not only do jewellery pieces look beautiful against the skin, they are also incredibly comfortable to wear, and consequently, ideal for all types of occasions. Whether you’re looking for a dainty chain to pair with everyday looks, or perhaps rings or bracelets that can be stacked to create a statement, or scaled down for sophistication, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect pieces in the Fope fine jewellery collection. 

The Most Desirable Pieces

All pieces in the Fope fine jewellery collection are designed and created in-house by the brand’s skilled team of goldsmiths. As a result, every piece is highly desirable, stylish and high quality. 


The fine jewellery collection includes everything from bracelets and rings to necklaces and earrings, all varying in style and design, yet remaining entirely distinguishable by brand. Fope bracelets for example, are available in a variety of sizes, including chunky gold mesh chains and more dainty designs.


Similarly, Fope necklaces also vary in chain thickness, as well as length. You can find everything from chokers mid length and longer necklaces in the collection. Some carry beautiful diamond detailing, a layered effect, or are simply enough on their own. 


Fope earrings are also just as diverse. Whether you’re looking for some simple, yet elegant studs, some small hoops, or a dangly pair that will make the perfect statement, you’re guaranteed to find it all in the fine jewellery collection. 


Here at Wallace Allan, we sell a wide variety of items, including best selling pieces from the Fope Eka Tiny, Flex’it, Prima and Vendome collections. Some of our favourites include: 


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