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Tissot T-Classic Watches

The Tissot T-Classic collection showcases stylish watches with everlasting appeal. With an extensive range of models on offer, these classic Swiss timepieces are designed to suit every wrist. Discover the collection at Wallace Allan.

History of Tissot T-Classic Watches 

Tissot is a brand that is not short of history and heritage. All this becomes clear through the renowned Tissot T-Classic collection. Since 1853, the Swiss luxury brand has been breaking boundaries through innovation, craftsmanship and precision in the world of watches. 


The T-Classic collection features models that tell the tales of it all. From models stamped with the year of the brand’s formation, others named after the small Swiss town in which it was established, and special editions marking milestones of significant success. You can explore every twist and turn in the Tissot story through the T-Classic collection. 


While watches exude character and charm, their designs remain refined, elegant and classic. And, as the brand’s incredible story continues, the T-Classic collection is only set to grow and evolve to meet the needs of modern day wearers. 

Unique Features of Tissot T-Classic Watches 

The Tissot T-Classic collection features a wide selection of watches, all with their own unique features. Precision, performance and classic style are what tie together every watch in the collection. Other notable features of Tissot T-Classic watches include: 


Tissot T-Classic Men’s Watches 

The Tissot T-Classic collection features a versatile range of watches for men. Models range from sports watches to stylish dress pieces. For example, the Gentlemen range showcases a refined stylish design, making its watches suitable for more formal occasions, whereas the PR 100 Sport range features a more contemporary and casual design and chronograph functionality suitable for more active lifestyles.

Ultimately, there is guaranteed to be a watch in the T-Classic collection suitable for every wearer. Proving just how diverse the collection is, here are some of or best-selling Tissot T-Classic watches:


Tissot T-Classic Women’s Watches 

The Tissot T-Classic collection also includes some stylish and elegant watch models for women. Combining beautiful design and heritage with innovative timekeeping functionality, watches in the renowned collection perform just as well as they look. 


The T-Classic ladies collection features many of the same models as the men’s range, but in a variety of unique colours and in more compact sizes. Within the range, you can find best-selling models such as:



Browse the full collection of Tissot watches online at Wallace Allan today.