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Tissot T-Sport Watches

Showcasing precision, style and performance, the Tissot T-Sport watch collection takes inspiration from the world of sport. Shop the collection at Wallace Allan today. 

History of Tissot T-Sport Watches 

Tissot has been a pioneer of timekeeping innovation since its inception in the 1800s. The T-Sport watch collection is nothing short of evidence of the brand’s contribution to the timepiece market. 


The collection comprises a range of entry level Swiss luxury sports watches that take inspiration from some of the biggest sporting events in the annual calendar, of which Tissot are also the official timekeeper. 


Over the years, Tissot has nurtured long standing associations with a number of sports, including car racing, motoGP, basketball and cycling, to name but a few. It’s the competitive, adrenaline fuelled spirit of these sports that are translated in the T-Sport watch collection. Models in the range span watches for everyday athletes right through to tools for specific sports. 


While watches have helped some of the most successful athletes reach the top of tables and leaderboards already, the company's dedication to innovation means models continue to improve and break new boundaries. 


Today, the T-Sport collection features an extensive range of precise, performance-driven and stylish watches. 

Unique features of Tissot T-Sport Watches 

The Tissot T-Sport collection features a variety of models. One of the main similarities between all those in the range is their innovative sport watch design. Across the collection, you can find models with combinations of the below features:


Top Watches in the Collection 

The Tissot T-Sport collection features a wide range of options. Depending on your personal needs and preferences, there is guaranteed to be a watch in the collection for you. For example, the range includes divers watches, chronographs, racing inspired designs and more. 


While the look and functions vary across models, you can be sure that every timepiece in the collection is upheld by the brand’s high standards of precision, performance and quality. And despite their unquestionable calibre, watches in the Tissot -T-Sport collection are always affordably priced. 


Here at Wallace Allan, we stock a number of best-selling Tissot T-Sport watches. Some of these include: 



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