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Wedding Rings

Tie the knot with the perfect wedding ring from Wallace Allan. Our collection includes designs to suit every style, preference and budget. Spread the cost of your dream ring with our interest free finance plans.

Wedding Rings

Our Wedding Rings Collection 

Our collection of wedding rings includes styles, colours, sizes and prices to suit every preference and need. If you’re searching for the perfect ring to say I Do with, look no further. Wallace Allan’s extensive range of wedding rings has got you covered. 


Our wedding ring designs include:

  • 9ct gold wedding rings 
  • 18ct gold wedding rings 
  • White gold wedding rings 
  • Wedding bands 
  • Platinum wedding rings 
  • Diamond wedding rings 

Wedding Rings for Women 

Our extensive collection of wedding rings for women includes classic, simple and contemporary designs to suit every style and preference. 


Choose from simple gold or silver coloured bands, intricate diamond detail rings or a combination of the two. Designs can also be worn alongside engagement rings, with shapes to fit around your current ring perfectly. 


No matter the style you choose, you can be sure that your wedding ring from Wallace Allan is beautifully crafted and high-quality, meaning it will stand the test of time, just like your relationship with your partner. 

Wedding Rings for Men 

You can also find wedding band designs for men in our collection. These rings are simple in design, yet high in quality and significance. 


We understand that rings can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially when you are not used to wearing such pieces of jewellery. But you can be sure that the bands on offer at Wallace Allan are not only comfortable to wear, but designed in such a way that you will be left never wanting to take them off. 


The platinum designs in particular are robust and will stay intact for many years to come. 

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring 

When choosing a wedding ring, there are few important bits of information to get right. Firstly, you should set a budget that works for you and your new life with your partner. 


Typically, wedding rings are more affordable than engagement rings. But as with an engagement ring, there are no rules for how much you should spend on a wedding ring. Instead, a budget that is right for you and your partner, together with knowledge of what you both like and dislike, will help you make the right decision. 


You can even use an interest free payment plan option to help you spread the cost of your wedding ring purchase. This is particularly useful if you are spending money on the actual wedding day and are worried about managing your finances efficiently.


Next, you need to get the ring size right. Unlike engagement rings, there is usually no element of surprise to a wedding ring so it is something you and your partner can do together. Of course, this makes getting the right size that much easier. 


If you are planning on wearing your wedding ring and engagement ring together once you’ve tied the knot, there are a few other things to consider. First, you should opt for a wedding ring that is in the same metal type as your engagement ring. Not only will this ensure that they look great together, it will reduce the chance of the rings tarnishing.


You should also choose a style that fits perfectly around your engagement ring. For example, rings are available in various shapes, with ridges and with dips which can complement the engagement ring, allowing both to come together like a match made in heaven!