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Longines Heritage Watches

Discover the timepieces that immortalised a brand with Longines’ stunning Heritage collection. For more than a century, this iconic Swiss watchmaker has combined luxurious design with the latest cutting-edge technology to create some of the greatest pieces of our time.

History of Longines Heritage watches 

More than a century ago hidden away in the municipality of Saint-Imier, a legend was born. Alongside two partners, Auguste Agassiz made the decision to set up his own pocket-watch business and the foundations for one of the most famous watchmakers the world has ever seen were set. A few years later Agassiz gained sole control of the business, and due to his contacts in the United States, the brand began to receive international recognition. 


Fast forward to 1867 and Ernest Francillon, Agassiz’s nephew, opens the company’s factory in Saint-Imer specifically the Les Longines region. The watch’s name was changed to reflect its origin. Over the years Longines has become famous for its innovative technology which sets it apart in the highly competitive Swiss market. 


This began in 1878 when Longines introduced its first chronograph movement, the 20H. Developed alongside fellow watchmaker Alfred Lugrin it became the first mechanism manufactured by Longines and was renowned for its accurate timing. Something the brand has prided itself on ever since. As the 1800s drew to a close and the world welcomed the 20th century, Longines was known across the world for the quality and precision of its timepieces. 


The brand also began branching out into wristwatches in 1916 with the introduction of oval and rectangle calibres. This move saw Longines become the ‘go-to’ brand for adventurers and it was named the official supplier of the International Aeronautical Federation. This meant Longines was now responsible for developing navigation instruments used by aviation experts on their expeditions. 


A number of explorers also came directly to Longines with requests. Charles A. Lindbergh, who was famous for flying non-stop over the North Atlantic in 1927, designed navigational equipment which he brought directly to Longines to make a reality. 


They did just that and the Lindbergh Hour Angle watch would be used by generations of pilots to calculate longitude giving them their exact geographical location. Longines continued in the same vein also producing equipment used at sporting events all over the world. 


In 1969 the Heritage collection was inaugurated. While still striving for those high levels of precision that made the brand so well-known, this collection takes inspiration from Longines most famous models. 


Today, the collection uses contemporary watchmaking techniques to recreate some of the very best models from its past. And with over 187 years of history to choose from, the magnificence of the Heritage range cannot be understated. 


Top models of Longines Heritage watches

Over the last century, Longines has utilised the latest in watchmaking technology to craft some of the most stunningly designed pieces in the industry. And the Heritage collection celebrates some of these models in all their glory.


The Longines Heritage Classic encapsulates everything that the brand represents combining that pioneering spirit with a simplistic, yet sleek design. 


If you’d prefer something bolder then the Longines Legend Diving Watch is for you. This water-resistant piece makes a statement while maintaining the practicality required for a piece of this kind.