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Longines Master Collection

The Longines master collection is arguably the most luxurious range. Longines has been renowned for using the latest technology across its pieces and this collection is made up of models that use advanced mechanical movements.

History of Longines Master Collection

Precision. Luxury. Quality. All words you would associate with the luxury Swiss watchmakers, Longines. Longines has become renowned across the world for utilising the latest in watchmaking technology, along with stunning designs to create ageless timepieces that have become popular all over the world. 


Their watch engineering has evolved since the 1800s when the brand was born, and this is something that can be seen with the Longines Master Collection. Created in 2005 as a way of honouring the brand’s craftsmanship, the collection only features pieces that use mechanical movements, predominantly those that are self-winding. 


The collection includes pieces that use retrograde functions and L707 movement which is exclusive to the Longines brand. Something that sets the Master Collection apart from other Longines offerings is the striking design many of the products feature. The various pieces within the Longines Master Collection include an array of special features with a whole host of elegant models to choose from. 


Top models of Longines Masters Collection 

Since its release in 2005, the Longines Masters Collection has featured a number of wonderful pieces. One of the standout pieces is the Longines Master Collection Automatic Chronograph which comes with a sophisticated Bezel steel strap and black dial complete with scratch-resistant glass.


In 2011 the Longines released the Longines Master Collection Moonphase Steel 40MM watch. This innovative model incorporates L707 movement which you can only get from Longines timepieces and features the phases of the moon as well as a day/night indicator.