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Garmin MARQ Watches

The ultimate wearable technology for the avid sportsperson or adventurer, the Garmin Marq helps achieve the goals of people everywhere. Whatever your passion, discover a piece that suits you with Wallace Allan.

The History of Garmin Marq Watches

Over 30 years ago, Gary Burrell and Min Kao’s vision to become the world’s best GPS providers began. But when the pair founded Garmin in 1989, they couldn’t have ever dreamed of what was yet to come. 


Originally, the business focused on creating GPS solutions for cars, planes and marine vehicles but this soon evolved into the sport and fitness industries. 


Eventually, they branched out to watches incorporating this same GPS technology into a range of timepieces. In addition to GPS, these watches included a variety of other features such as tracking heart rates and pulses and even allowing users to listen to music while they exercise. 


Following the success of ranges such as the Vivofit, Forerunner and Fenix, the American brand unveiled the Garmin Marq collection. 


If you love hiking, the Garmin Marq watches have the ability to monitor blood oxygen levels ensuring your safety while on the trails. Runners will have access to dedicated training profiles and performance metrics that track your progress. 


The Garmin Marq collections include the following; Adventurer, Athlete, Aviator, Captain, Driver, Commander and the Golfer. While each of these pieces is designed to do different things, they also have plenty in common. 


For example, durability is key. Whatever your passion you need a watch that isn’t going to buckle under the pressure. A titanium case and bezel ensures the watches can withstand almost any activity you’re likely to be doing. 


Design isn’t compromised either with each piece expertly crafted using the precision of Garmin’s team of experts and the very latest in watchmaking technology. 


Today, the Garmin Marq sits proudly among the brand’s biggest collections. More than just another timepiece. The Marq is an extension of you. 

Top Features of Garmin Marq Watches 

While the Garmin Marq includes a number of bespoke features depending on the model you choose, it also has several great qualities that are universal to each watch.


Garmin is no stranger to using the most innovative technology. The Marq does exactly that using the highest quality materials such as titanium, ceramic, sapphire and more. These materials are integrated with technology to forge a uniqueness that is hard to find in other smartwatches. 


Battery life is also vital. Whether you’re on a bike ride, out on the golf course or hiking through the mountains, the last thing you want is to be caught short. That is why the Marq has ensured it boasts a significant battery life. Depending on the mode you’re using, the battery can last up to 12 days. 


The Garmin Marq also helps you stay connected with access to texts, emails and music. It can also monitor your stress levels if required. 

Top Models Garmin Marq Watches

Whatever your passion, the Garmin Marq has something for you. Want to improve your fitness by running or cycling? Then check out the Garmin Marq Watch Athlete. Whether you’re out in the wild or in an indoor setting, this model helps you track progress while looking good with its smart black and emerald design.


If you prefer teeing off at the golf course then opting for the Garmin Marq Golfer is the smart move. Its lightweight titanium casing will help you navigate the course with ease and its green hues are inspired by the colours of the course. 


Another fantastic choice is the Garmin Marq Adventurer for those who like hiking. It comes with a 360-degree compass and stylish brown strap.