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A household name in the world of luxury watchmaking, OMEGA watches are expertly crafted to offer the very best in performance, style and functionality. Our range includes many of the Swiss watchmaker’s most sought-after models, including those from the renowned Seamaster, Speedmaster, Constellation and De Ville families. Shop your favourite styles today.


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Since 1848, OMEGA has been a leading supplier of luxury Swiss watches. The brand, founded by Louis Brandt, has navigated numerous markets, encountered many challenges, and celebrated countless successes while ultimately, paving the way as one of the most influential watchmakers of our time. The OMEGA name has become synonymous with innovation and cutting-edge timekeeping technology, being a manufacturer of many firsts, including the first to be worn in space. Today, the brand enjoys worldwide recognition among watch collectors and luxury enthusiasts and even has big-screen acclaim as the watch of choice of none other than James Bond..


OMEGA timepieces are best known for their reliability, precision and innovation, making them popular choices among many watch wearers. The brand enjoys a reputable status as one of the biggest names in Swiss luxury timekeeping and offers an undeniable standard of quality with each and every model. OMEGA watches are designed to last, while also being stylish, comfortable and practical enough for every day. Some models have even become collectors’ pieces due to iconic associations and limited quantities causing demand to surpass supply. If still in doubt of the excellence present within the OMEGA range, simply browse our collection online or in-store today.

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Our collection of OMEGA watches includes models across a number of the brand’s most iconic and sought-after families. From the long-standing Seamaster collection that has pushed the boundaries for Swiss luxury dive watches, to the barrier-breaking Speedometer that has taken timekeeping to new heights as the first OMEGA watch to be worn in space, experience every bit of history within our range.

Whether you’re looking for a robust timepiece to wear every day, a performance-enhanced sports watch to supercharge your training, or a sophisticated wrist accessory to complement formal attire, the OMEGA collection has something for it all.

Our collection also features OMEGA watches for men and women. With options available in various case sizes to suit any dimension of wrist and a range of style choices for every taste and preference, you’re guaranteed to find your new watch in the collection. Ladies’ OMEGA watches are available in a range of colours and metal types, including yellow and rose gold and stainless steel, some even with the option of diamond detailing on the dial and bezel. Men’s OMEGA watches can also be found in a range of colours, including the iconic deep-sea blue, while bracelets are available in stainless steel, leather and rubber.

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As a leading retailer of OMEGA watches, we also offer expert servicing to ensure your timepiece remains in the best possible condition. We adhere to the recommended servicing intervals set by the brand for each watch and are on hand to advise you on when these should be. Our watch experts can also assist you with a range of care services, including repairs and battery and strap replacements. Every OMEGA watch also comes with a five-year warranty for additional peace of mind. For more information about caring for your OMEGA watch, get in touch with our team today.


Browse our extensive collection of OMEGA watches for men and women to find your ideal piece. Look through our online collection, or visit us in-store to try one on for size. Whether you’re after a specific model, are open to a number of options, or are searching for a gift for a loved one, our OMEGA watch experts are on hand to help. Speak to any member of the team on your visit, or simply start an online chat with our personal shopper service, or contact us via phone, email or online form - no matter your preference, we’re just a click away!

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Read our frequently asked questions to learn more about our products and services. Still have a query? Contact our team and a member will be happy to help.

How many OMEGA watches are made per year?

It’s hard to put an exact figure on the number of OMEGA timepieces produced each year, as precise production figures are not widely circulated. However, as one of the major players in the Swiss watch market, OMEGA’s multi-billion dollar turnover suggests that total production is likely to be on par with their main rival Rolex.

Where can I get an OMEGA watch serviced?

When it comes to servicing your timepiece, it’s important to choose a professional jeweller with detailed knowledge of the unique mechanics associated with luxury watches. Wallace Allan’s in-house experts offer more than a century’s worth of experience servicing OMEGA timepieces. Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.

Do OMEGA watches increase in value?

The question as to whether an OMEGA watch increases its value over time is largely dependent on the specific model, its condition and the price point at which it was purchased. While most luxury watches may expect to lose between 20-40% of their retail value in the first year, striking a good deal on a vintage or limited edition model can offer strong value for money.

What is the most expensive OMEGA watch?

At auction, some of the highest sales figures achieved by OMEGA watches include a timepiece owned by Elvis Presley ($1.8m) and the OMEGA Stainless Steel Tourbillon ($1.4m). On the regular market, high-end pieces such as the De Ville Tourbillon Co-Axial 44m Numbered Edition are priced at around $140,000.

Are OMEGA watches good investments?

Luxury watches are characterised by their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, leading some to purchase an OMEGA piece as a form of investment. An investment’s potential for success is dependent on several key factors, including the model and price point. Having said that, several OMEGA models – particularly vintage Speedmasters and Seamasters – have been known to significantly increase their value over time.