How to Match Your Omega Watch With Your Suit

When dressing for a formal occasion, it’s only right that you have the accessories to match. And a watch is just what you need to elevate your look. But just any old watch won’t do. Rather, it has to be one that complements the details of your suit and the occasion. Luckily, Swiss watch brand, Omega, has a wide selection of wristwatches that can be paired with your formal attire. Here’s how to make sure you choose the right one…

How to Match Your Omega Watch With Your Suit

Types of Omega Watches 

Before we begin, we want to break down the different types of watches available in the Omega collection. Just like you can get different styles of suits, for example a tux, double breasted blazer and slim or classic fit, you can get various styles of watches, too. 


Omega are best known for their divers’ watches. These are highly functional, incredibly durable and are often available in a variety of colours and metals. The brand also produces chronographs and dress watches, which benefit from the same versatility. 


These watch types all look and function in different ways and therefore, should be worn with different looks and for different occasions. 

What’s the occasion?

When matching a watch to a suit, then, the first question you should ask yourself is ‘What is the occasion?’ 


Your answer will determine the type of watch you should be looking at. For example, the most formal of occasions, those black tie events that you take your tux out for, call for a dress watch. 


These watches are typically more subtle in design as your outfit will be doing most of the showing off. It can be easy to ‘overdo it’ when dressing for these occasions, so to avoid that, your watch should simply be worn for basic function and to tie the look together, rather than to make a statement. 


For business purposes, whether that be everyday office wear, meetings or networking events, you can opt for something a bit more flashy. Omega diving watches are the perfect choice for these occasions. The variety of options available allow you to choose one that not only matches your suit, but also showcases your personality and style. 


These watches are usually more durable, which is why they make the ideal accessory for everyday wear. And with functions such as stop watches, date windows and water resistance, they can be easily transitioned from work to play. 

Watch size 

No matter the occasion, when wearing a suit your watch should always be worn under the cuff of your shirt sleeve. Therefore, size matters. 


Your watch should not feel too bulky or tighten the sleeve so much that it becomes uncomfortable. It is usually the dial which causes the biggest issue. 


Fortunately, Omega watches are available in various sizes, ranging from around 30mm - 45mm in diameter. Having really honed their designs and innovation, even the smaller options do not compromise functionality. 

Colour of your watch

The suit you are wearing should determine the colour of your watch. Omega watches are available in a variety of bracelet, case and dial colours so you are guaranteed to find one that matches. 


Black suits are probably the easiest to pair a watch with as you can opt from anything from a silver, gold or rose gold case to a black bracelet, for a monochrome look. 


If other elements of your ensemble are kept black and white, your watch can be used to really make a statement. But remember, if it is a tux that you’re wearing, a sleek black design might be best. The Omega De Ville Tresor Co-Axial Master Chronometer might be a suitable option. 


The cooler tone of silver stainless steel watches go well with blue and navy suits. Or, Omega’s renowned blue dial models, such as the Seamaster Diver 300m, makes for not only an iconic piece to add to your collection, but also a great fashion choice that anyone with a keen eye for detail will appreciate. 


Brown leather strapped watches, such as this Omega De Ville Prestige, also complement navy suits.


Another thing to consider is your other accessories. For example, if your belt or shoes will be black, a matching watch will work well. Similarly, the watch’s dial or detailing could match the colour of your tie or pocket square, for example. 


Should you opt for a metal, rubber or leather watch bracelet? Well, the answer goes back to the occasion for which you are dressing. 


Formal balck tie events are usually best matched with a simple leather number. This keeps the look streamlined and helps you to avoid overdoing it.


Metal bracelets and casing make for a slightly more casual look, which is why they look good when worn with everyday business attire. 


Again, when making your choice, think about the other details in your outfit. If your belt, for example, has a silver buckle, a watch of the same metal will work well. This will help you to avoid the fashion faux pas that is mixing metals. 


Or, pairing a black or brown leather belt with a matching watch strap is another subtle way of tying a look together. 


It would be wrong to assume that a watch is just an accessory. They are usually worn to serve the purpose of helping you to keep track of time. Therefore, when matching your watch with your suit, it’s important to remember why exactly you need the timepiece. 


Dress watches that can be worn with a tux are typically more simplistic in function. Omega models, such as those in the De Ville collection, offer precise, reliable and accurate timekeeping, with a date window for additional function.


If you are looking for one that offers a bit more, the Seamaster and Speedmaster collections are appropriate choices. These include some of the best diving watches on the market, providing advanced functionality as well as timezone options and precision horology. This makes these the perfect options for international business affairs and out of hours activities.


So, there you have it - some handy tips on how to match your Omega watch with your suit. While these are some loose guidelines to follow, there really are no rules in fashion. 


Ultimately, your choice of watch should be one that is comfortable for you. After all, dressing in a suit has the ability to make you feel good and your watch should only add to that confidence boost! 


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