12 of the Deepest Dive Watches

The requirement to dive anywhere near 1000m is something that is unlikely to come your way, but that doesn't make having the kit to do so any less thrilling. But what is the need for a deep-diving watch? You’re asking. And it’s a very viable question. However, the point is not just to have a watch to use its functions daily. Watch companies put their timepieces through rigorous testing, building them to withstand the toughest climates, aggressively engineering them with the best gaskets, crystals and steel, until they take on a life of their own. The final product is a showcase of art, mastery and innovation

12 of the Deepest Dive Watches

That’s why today, we are giving these watches some much-deserved attention and taking a look at 12 watches that go deeper than is humanly possible.

1. Squale 2002 Blue-Red

The Squale 2002 is one of the pioneers of 1000m dive watches. It dives down to 1000m and features an automatic Sellita SW 200-1 movement, a screw-in case back and crown, and a flat sapphire crystal with A/R coating. The blue-red bezel makes it one of the most stylish deep diving watches on the market, and below sea level, having a watch that is easy to see will surely come in handy. The mesh steel strap also makes it a great everyday watch too, meaning it will pair well with either a wet suit or dinner jacket.

2. Sinn U1000

Crafted completely from high-strength seawater-resistant German Submarine steel, the Sinn U1000 guarantees a nominal pressure of 100 bar. The timepiece features a multitude of features, such as a mission timer design for optimal reading, and Ar-dehumidifying technology to enhance functional reliability and freedom from fogging. 


With the Sinn U1000 you can even start the chronograph underwater, and with flat, non-screwable, large-format push pieces, the design ensures that the chronograph functions can be triggered properly even when the user is wearing gloves. A true German masterpiece.

3. Seiko Marinemaster Professional

With a depth of 1000m, the Seiko Marinemaster Professional oozes dive piece technology in its design. With its infamous ‘tuna can’ case style, this Seiko timepiece is a premium dive watch and represents the brand’s long history of curating serious and robust tool watches for amateurs and professionals alike. 


The most premium models in the Marinemaster range feature an automatic movement and a mix of materials which include titanium, steel, ceramic and sapphire crystal. However, the Marinemaster watches come available in a range of forms that are suitable for both everyday wear and specific sporting needs. 

4. Oris Force Recon GMT

The Oris Force Recon GMT was released in 2015 and celebrated a collaboration between Oris and the US marine corps force reconnaissance. The partnership created Oris’ most aggressive and tactical watch to date. 

Oris Force Recon GMT

Image source: Oris


Water resistant up to 1000m, the timepiece features a multi-piece titanium case, a sapphire dome on both sides, anti-reflective coating, screwed-in security crown and an automatic winding GMT with date developed by Oris. What's more, the watches feature a rotation safety system, where a ring located around the bezel is lifted whenever the bezel needs to turn, then is locked down to seal it in place. With the Force Recon GMT you get an ultimate tool watch at your disposal with well-thought-out mechanics. 

5. Delma Blue Shark III

The Swiss watchmaking brand, Delma, was founded in 1924 and with the release of their Blue Shark III model, they have built the ultimate deep-sea diving watch. Delma’s ultimate diving watches are water-resistant up to an incredible 4000m. The watch claims to be one of the most robust watches ever made for divers and has functions such as luminous hands and markers for ultimate visibility underwater, and a modifiable rubber strap that includes unique tools for strap changing. 


It also features a unidirectional stainless steel back DLC diver bezel, helium valve, and mechanical movement with date. The timepiece is available in several colours to suit all styles and preferences, with black, blue, orange on stainless steel, and black bezels on offer. 

6. Bremont Supermarine S2000

Since its inception, the Supermarine S2000 has had a distinctive look and feel. This robust diver’s watch is waterproof up to 2000m and features a larger 45mm case. The Bremont brand developed a technical watch with the S2000, enabling it to withstand future depths and making it the deepest diving watch in the entire Bremont collection.


Design features include a sapphire unidirectional rotating bezel with a 20-minute red marker, which ties in nicely with the red tip at the end of the minute hand. Also, the knurled effect on the dial’s centre teamed with clean and crisp linear markings on the bezel and inner dial ring offer a fresh look and turning the watch over reveals its case back design showcasing a stamped submarine screw.

7. Benarus Megalodon Yellow No-Date

Benarus is the go-to for entry-level diving watches. However, they are not a brand to be overlooked despite their affordable price points. Their Megalodon is their crème de la crème and earns it a well-deserved rank as one of the best diving watches on the market. 


The Yellow No-Date is a model in the collection that has a pop-art aesthetic to it, with a bright yellow face and cherry red hands that will appeal to any watch buyer looking for a timepiece with character and personality. The watch is water resistant up to 2500m and includes a double domed sapphire crystal, luminescent sapphire insert and DLC coating. An attractive watch with an attractive price. 

8. Aquadive Bathyscape 300

In 1970, Aquadive introduced its Time-Depth Model 50, which revolutionised diving watches. Now, they have the Bathyscape 300 which is modelled on the 50, with an identical case, but updated to feature a self-winding Swiss automatic movement. 


The bezel is topped with a scratch-resistant and luminescent ceramic timing ring and precisely ratchets through 60 positions, allowing you to time your decompression stops accurately.


Most significantly, the timepiece can withstand up to 3000m of water pressure and is actually tested by crushing 5000m of pressure for good measure, making it one of the deepest diving watches in the world.

9. Oris ProDiver GMT

Oris are a great go-to for any recreation or professional watch. The ProDiver GMT shares design cues with the Aquis line, however is able to withstand water pressure up to 1000m. 

Oris ProDiver GMT

Image source: Oris


The timepiece features an automatic winding GMT, small second, big date, developed exclusively by Oris, and an automatic winding system. With a larger 49mm titanium case, the watch provides excellent visibility, as well as a titanium case back, sapphire domed anti-reflective coating and black dial. 

10. OMEGA Seamaster PloProf 

In 1970, OMEGA launched a watch that had been created with the sole purpose of withstanding the crushing pressures endured by divers working deep below the ocean’s surface. This was the Seamaster PloProf. With a depth of up to 1200m is among the most robust and seaworthy divers’ watches ever made.

Omega Seamaster PloProf

Image source: OMEGA


The PloProf makes a statement just with its bold style and case that make it immediately recognisable. The screwed-in crown is located at 9 o’clock under a protective buffer, which allows freer wrist movement and prevents inadvertent manipulation for any of you serious divers. The watch also comes available with a brushed mesh ‘shark-proof bracelet and a rubber bracelet so you can interchange depending on your needs, and a diver’s extension to 26mm so the watch fits perfectly over a diving suit.

11. Doxa SUB 1500T

Diving up to a depth of 1500m, the SUB 1500T is a watch few can rival with. Its cushion-shaped case is made of 316L stainless steel of the highest quality and pays tribute to the SUB 300T Conquistador as it features the same patented unidirectional rotating bezel and integrated helium relief valve. All the elements that provide dive mission-critical information are equipped with SuperLumiNova luminescent coating to ensure optimal readability underwater, to ensure your diving plans remain on track. 

Doxa Sub 1500T

With a variety of styles to choose from, the Doxa SUB 1500T is functional, stylish and one of the kings of dive watches.You can shop the Doxa SUB 1500T at Wallace Allan.

12. Rolex Sea-Dweller

Waterproof to a depth of 1220m, the Rolex Sea-Dweller defines Rolex’s leadership in iconic diver’s watches and showcases the result of decades of collaboration with diving professionals. 


The Sea-Dweller range launched in 1967 and remains an icon in the timepiece world. The watch features a distinctive black dial and large luminescent hour markers for readability, a unidirectional 60-minute rotatable bezel and comes with a day-night feature to allow divers to precisely and safely monitor their dive and decompression time.


What’s more, the watch is equipped with a patented black Cerachrom bezel insert manufactured by Rolex in a virtually scratchproof ceramic whose colour is unaffected by ultraviolet rays, and the graduation is coated via PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) with a thin layer of gold. An exquisite timepiece that will be cherished forever. 


You can find a huge array of diving watches from a number of brands at Wallace Allan. Browse timeless luxury designs from only the very best on the timepiece market.

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