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Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watches

In their own lane, Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches are second to none when it comes to performance, functionality and style. The collection of timepieces demonstrate the Swiss brand’s connection and commitment to motorsport and today, sit proudly on the wrists of both fans and lovers of luxury.

History of Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches 

Prior to its acquisition by Techniques D’Avant Garde (TAG), Heuer, under the management of Jack Heuer, signed a deal with Scuderia Ferrari in 1971. From this date, Heuer began equipping the team with timekeeping equipment and its drivers began wearing watches from the brand. 

Consequently, Heuer became the first non-automotive brand to sponsor motor racing, sowing the first seeds of the company’s strong connection to the sport. 

From here, the connection only got deeper. The incorporation of Tag Heuer in 1985 was followed by a partnership with McLaren, whereby the brand sponsored the racing team. And just a year later, Tag Heuer Formula 1 was launched.

From the early 90s to the early 2000s, Tag Heuer began to be endorsed as the official timekeepers of Formula 1. As well as branding and sponsorship perks, the watches were worn by all the top drivers of that time. 

More recently, in 2016, Tag Heuer became the official timekeepers and partners of the Aston Martin Red Bull Formula 1 racing team. Throughout its association with the sport, the brand’s dedication to innovation and precision timekeeping has not slipped, but instead, strengthened, which is present in the range of models available in the collection today. 


Tag Heuer Formula 1 men’s watches 

Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches for men are some of the brand’s most popular. And for good reason. Combining the very best in sophistication, style and precision, the collection includes a design for all tastes and preferences. 

Recognised as a watch to be worn everyday to do everything, it’s no surprise that the luxury timepieces are not loved by collectors, but also first time watch buyers. . 

Demonstrating just how versatile they are, models in the collection are available in a range of colours, metals, sizes and functionalities, to suit any and every wearer. 


Tag Heuer Formula 1 Women’s watches 

Tag Heuer Formula 1 watches for women is where function meets fashion. Combining the iconic sports functionality with chic and fashionable designs, the collection includes a model for all styles. 

And with the ability to personalise watches with interchangeable straps, wearers can adapt their watch for every occasion within seconds. 


Top models of Tag Heuer formula 1 watches 

The Formula 1 collection features some of Tag Heuer’s most popular models. For instance, the Formula 1 Chronograph has been designed to liken the bold dashboard detailing of a race car. The striking luminescent numbering, hour markers and hands against the black dial ensure the watch is easy to read, no matter the time of day or environment. 

The Tag Heuer Formula 1 Blue & Gold model is another notable design in the collection. The bi-colour stainless steel and gold case and bracelet make the watch not only versatile but also an exquisite timepiece for those dressier occasions. But ultimately, the alluring blue bezel and dial ensure it remains true to the classic designs in the Formula 1 collection. 

The Formula 1 Ladies Ceramic Diamond Dial watch is the ideal everyday watch. The steel case and bracelet with contrasting black details are complemented perfectly with diamond hour markers.