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Gucci Dive Watches

The Gucci Dive collection of luxury watches combines the brand’s iconic style with sporting functionionality. The result is a selection of timepieces that boast unique designs and time keeping quality. Shop the range at Wallace Allan.

History of Gucci Dive Watches

The Gucci Dive watch began its reign as a limited edition timepiece released by the Italian luxury brand in 2013. Having caught the attention of many collectors and fans of the finer things in life, the brand introduced the Dive range as a permanent line within their watch collection in 2015. 


Since this time, the Gucci Dive collection has amassed huge amounts of success in both the world of watches and luxury fashion. 

Key Features of Gucci Dive Watches

Unlike most other watch collections by the brand, the Dive range supports a sportier look and feel. This makes sense as the watches are designed for aquatic sports. 


While their distinguishable style makes this clear, their functions only reinforce it. Watches in the collection are water resistant up to 200m. They feature uni-directional turning bezels and are easy to read with SuperLuminova detailing throughout the dial. 


What really sets these watches apart from other diving watches on the market, though, is their stylish and sophisticated designs. While others are more likely to be worn for more casual occasions, the Gucci Dive range looks good enough for dressier events, too. 


Throughout the collection, you’ll find recognisable Gucci touches, such as green and red stripes, logos and the famous snake and tiger head motifs.

Gucci Dive Men's Watches

The Gucci Dive men’s collection of watches includes models in a variety of colours, sizes and materials. In the range, you will find watches with both rubber and metal bracelets, and some with gold, silver, black or white accents. 


Watches are available in 40mm and 45mm sizes, which only adds to their functionality. Wearers can see the watch face, dial and numbers clearly on the larger sized watches, which is vital when being used while diving or in challenging environments. 


With so many options on offer, there is guaranteed to be a watch to suit every style and occasion. 

Gucci Dive Ladies Watch

The range of Gucci Dive watches for women boast both style and function. Designs are not overly feminine, but the feline head embossed on the dial offers a subte feisty touch. Therefore, a Dive watch is guaranteed to add an edge to any look. 


But design aside, the watches feature all the functions you’d expect from a high-end diving watch, making them a practical everyday wrist accessory. 

Top Models of Gucci Dive Watches

The selection of watches available in the Dive collection are some of Gucci’s finest. Top models include, the women’s white and gold watch. The rubber strap affords the timepiece a casual feel, but its white colour adds a touch of luxury and style. 


Similarly, the men’s black and gold rubber strap model is a durable everyday accessory, with the gold case detail keeping the watch in line with the brand’s luxury reputation. 


The Gucci Dive steel bracelet model combines the sportier feel of the line with a sophisticated design. The snake motif adds character to the timepiece, while the green and red bezel detailing are a subtle nod to the brand’s famous stripe design. 


The black and silver 40mm Gucci Dive watch includes all the same functions of a diving watch from the brand, but in an elegant design. The simplicity of this model makes it the perfect piece to transition from casual to formal occasions.