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Gucci G-Frame Watches

Discover the finest Italian timepieces from Gucci’s boutique G Frame watch collection. Here at Wallace Allan, we are home to some of the luxury powerhouses finest watches that are sure to suit your style.

History of Gucci G Frame Watches

For decades the Italian fashion brand Gucci has been renowned for being one of the most luxurious and sought after brands on the planet. 


Since the 1920s when Guccio Gucci founded the company in Florence, people have longed to don a handbag or pair of shoes emblazoned with the iconic Gucci logo. 

Having conquered the world of fashion and luxury goods, Gucci set its eyes on the luxury watch industry. 


Gucci’s first watch was released in 1972 but it was in the 1990s, long after the Gucci family feud that left the company with new ownership, when the company’s watch production really began to grow.


Gucci watches quickly became the most desirable on the market. These watches emphasised the luxurious feel the brand had been known for while providing a contemporary twist. 


The Gucci G Frame range was no different. The distinctive design was put together with the younger generation firmly in mind. Something it achieved with aplomb. The G Frame model became known for its rectangular dial and slim straps. 


Coming in a variety of styles, customers can choose from snakeskin or meshed steel straps as well as a whole host of colours. In 2018 the range was expanded further to incorporate more sizes and styles helping the Gucci G Frame maintain its position as gucci’s most magnificent pieces.

Gucci G Frame Ladies Watch

For the modern-day woman, the Gucci G Frame has a number of stunning pieces to choose from.


The Gucci G Frame Black Dial Ladies Watch 17MM perhaps tops the tree when it comes to style. Its smart black dial features three embedded diamonds enhancing that sense of luxury while maintaining all the necessary practicalities needed in the 21st century. 


An easy-to-use silver stainless steel strap reinforces its functionality ensuring it meets your needs while still making a fashion statement.

Top Models of Gucci G Frame Watches

Mother of Pearl is the design of the day when it comes to the top models of Gucci G Frame watches. It’s a style the brand has perfected over the years and it can certainly be seen in all its glory here. 


The Gucci G Frame Green & Red MOP Watch 21MM exemplifies this in every way. From its signature green and red dial to the iconic Gucci bee indexes, this is one for the Gucci purists. 


If you prefer something a bit different but still in keeping with the brand’s ethos, then the Gucci G Frame White, Red & Blue Mop Watch is for you. The gold palleted strap and case complement the bold trio of colours on the dial which ties together the piece in the most elegant manner.