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Bering Watches

Bering watches distinguish themselves by their unique focus on modernity and style. Innovative, fresh and minimalistic, each of the watches found in our men’s and women’s collections is guaranteed to strike a chord with those in search of a contemporary accessory. Discover your style below.

Bering Watches

The History of Bering Watches

Bering takes up a unique position in the watchmaking landscape. Founded in Denmark in 2008, the brand’s daring approach to Scandinavian design sets it apart from every one of its competitors. With Arctic exploration forming an essential part of the brand’s inspiration, it’s no surprise that Bering timepieces defy traditional expectations at every turn.


The brand’s connection to exploration goes far beyond marketing alone. Having embarked on his very own Arctic discovery, founder René Kaerskov was soon captivated by the stunning surroundings he encountered in the North Pole. This was the moment at which Kaerskov first conceived the idea of a watch brand inspired by the beauty of polar ice – an idea that would later evolve into the Bering we know today.


Bering quickly made a name for itself producing high-quality timepieces that combined sleek and minimalistic design with long-lasting durability. Much like the glacial wonders that had inspired them, Bering timepieces were to be both striking and resilient. In order to deliver on that promise, the brand focused its watchmaking around the use of sturdy and visually attractive materials. Surgical steel became one of the most important materials used in the production of Bering timepieces, building further on its widespread usage throughout the medical sector. As its collection expanded, Bering would go on to utilise other materials such as sapphire glass and high-tech ceramic, earning it a reputation for producing some of the most scratch-resistant watches currently available.


The trademark Bering aesthetic has also played a crucial role in driving the brand’s success. Drawing from the core principles of Scandinavian design, Bering famously stripped its timepieces down to the bare essentials. No unnecessary design element was left intact, leaving their products’ aesthetic and mechanical excellence to do the talking. The result is a magnificent collection of watches that is impossible to mistake for any other brand – a rare achievement in the highly competitive world of modern watchmaking.


Bering’s popularity has continued to accelerate over the past several years. Aside from developing new and exciting timepieces, the brand also made its first venture into jewellery in 2015. Its Arctic Symphony Ring collection was noted for its unique ‘Twist and Design’ feature, which allowed customers to create personalised jewellery tailored to their own unique style. Since then, Bering’s puristic approach has seen it take considerable strides towards becoming one of the most original and refreshing watch brands to have emerged in recent years.


Bering Men’s Watches

When it comes to finding a quality timepiece steeped in modern aesthetics, there are few watchmakers better suited than Bering. Our dedicated collection for men spans every look and functionality, including models such as the Automatic Stainless Steel Black, the Titanium Brushed Grey and the Classic Blue. Whichever model you choose, you’re sure to sport the pure and timeless look that helped make Bering famous.


Bering Ladies Watches

Bering ladies watches are a feast for the eyes, offering a clean and versatile look that complements any outfit or style. Couple that with durable construction and high-quality finishes, and it’s easy to see why the brand has proven popular with discerning customers throughout every corner of the globe. Highlights from our women’s collection include the Classic Rose Gold, the Ceramic Rose and the unforgettable Max René Grey Steel, all of which are a magnificent addition to your collection or wardrobe.


Bering Watches: The Top Models

Bering’s track record in producing top-of-the-line timepieces is nothing short of impressive. Despite being a relative newcomer within the industry, many of the brand’s top models have gone on to receive top marks from consumers and critics alike. The 11939, a unisex timepiece that incorporates the brand’s signature lightweight materials, is one such model. The 14539 is often recognised as the culmination of the brand’s stylistic approach, offering a stripped-down aesthetic that’s almost futuristic in nature. In turn, the feature-packed Slim Solar is the go-to choice for those looking to combine classic refinement with the functional benefits offered by modern technology. Other brands in the bering watch family include the following;



Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bering watches waterproof?

Like many other watchmakers, Bering offers a varied selection of watches suitable for underwater use. Having said that, its watches are specifically marketed as being water resistant rather than waterproof – a distinction made by virtually every watch brand on the market today. This is because no timepiece can be guaranteed to be 100% waterproof in every condition, no matter how durable its construction may be. As a rule, however, Bering’s water-resistant models are suitable for most water-based activities.


Is Bering a good watch brand?

Bering has enjoyed considerable success throughout its relatively short tenure in the watchmaking industry. The brand’s emphasis on contemporary design and durability appeals to both casual wearers and dedicated watch enthusiasts, many of whom appreciate its willingness to push the art of watchmaking beyond the boundaries of convention.


Whilst Bering prides itself on being unashamedly modern, it hasn’t lost sight of the importance of quality craftsmanship. Today, Bering timepieces are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide, and that number is growing rapidly with each passing day.


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