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Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Explore our classic collection of yellow gold engagement rings, featuring high quality designs with diamonds and a range of beautiful precious gemstones. Discover styles to suit all budgets and preferences.

History of yellow gold engagement rings 

Since the origins of the engagement ring, yellow gold has been one of the most commonly used metal types for the meaningful piece of jewellery. Traditionally, these yellow gold rings took the form of simple bands. However, as styles and interpretations of the ring changed over time, other styles began to emerge, including engraved rings, signet rings and diamond and gemstone decorated designs. 


The discovery of other metal types and advancement in technology saw the emergence of alternative options, including platinum and white gold engagement rings. Although, yellow gold has remained an incredibly popular choice, particularly for its rich history and tradition, which is ideal for classic and timeless styles or vintage inspired designs. 

Why choose a yellow gold engagement ring?

Yellow gold is a popular metal choice for engagement rings for a number of reasons. Some of the most significance benefits include:


Caring for a yellow gold engagement ring 

In order to keep the beautiful allure of a yellow gold ring intact, it needs to be cared for in a very particular way. The metal type is one of the softest, so it is possible for scratches and dents to appear if the ring is knocked or worn during hands on tasks. Therefore, it is always recommended that a yellow gold engagement ring is removed and stored safely when carrying out any labour heavy work, or when handling harsh chemicals. 


To ensure the golden glow of an engagement ring is protected, it is important that pieces are regularly serviced, cleaned and polished by a specialist jeweller. As well as keeping the metal looking its best, the jeweller will also be able to check that diamonds and stones are secure and in good condition. 

Types of yellow gold engagement rings 

When it comes to yellow gold engagement rings, there are endless options available. Our selected range features a number of classic and stylish designs. For example, this round diamond design with a plain band is perhaps one of the most timeless styles.


For a vintage inspired design, you can choose options such as this sapphire and diamond ring, which eludes sophistication, or this emerald ring with yellow gold band, which is guaranteed to make a bold, luxurious statement when placed on any hand.


For more yellow gold engagement ring inspirations, browse our full collection online today.