Tag Heuer Link watches

Sporting elegance has been at the heart of TAG Heuer’s brand for decades and the TAG Heuer Link is no different. This model has gone through a lot since the original was launched in the late 80s. A name change, decline in demand and resurgence gives it one of the most fascinating stories in the history of all TAG Heuer watches.

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The History of Tag Heuer Link Watches 

Tag Heuer’s watch sales were booming in the late 80s. The utilisation of innovative watchmaking technology along with the brand’s constant striving for sporting excellence had produced a number of hugely successful lines.


Monaco and Autavia watches were the first-ever watches from Tag Heuer to begin life as a humble strap. Weightless, fluid, liquid mechanics. All words and phrases that have been attributed to this glorious range over the years. 


In fact, it was the dramatic yet simplistic ‘S’ shape of the strap that became the inspiration of the new range’s name. The shimmering silver piece was originally known as the S/el. Aesthetically appealing as well as functional, it wasn’t until 1999 that the model was known as the Tag Heuer Link that we know and love today.


So light you’d be forgiven for forgetting it was on your wrist, the first generation of the Link stayed true to the roots forged by S/el. The ‘S’ shape of the bracelet remained in place but there were one or two notable differences including the hands being replaced by swords. The crown had also been subtly redesigned. 


In 2004 the second generation of the modern-day Link was introduced. The two-part dial of the S/el made a return and pushers were added to the sides reinforcing that practicality that Tag Heuer guarantees with all its timepieces. 


But rockier shores were on the horizon. Despite the third and fourth generation being released, it seemed that the taste for the Link was no longer there. 


The 2011 version of the model brought it in line with other popular Tag Heuer ranges from the 21st century. It noted a more sophisticated look with darker hues and flatter S links on the bracelet. 


For a time, it looked like this may be the last time the world would see a new Tag Heuer Link hit the market. 


But this myth was quietly dispelled in 2016 when Tag Heuer unveiled a women’s line entitled Ladies Link. This piece featured a brand new case but wasn’t deemed important enough to be given a global release. But the seeds had been sown for a major return of the traditional Link. 


In 2017, the fifth generation and new men’s Link series was announced. A newly designed case, a single Calibre 5 movement and three contemporary colours to choose from placed the Link firmly back in the minds of watch aficionados everywhere. 


Now, the Tag Heuer Link sits proudly among the Swiss brands biggest lines and remains a hit among consumers. Over the years a number of limited edition Links have also been released including pieces in homage to the late Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna and Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio.

Tag Heuer Link Ladies Watches 

Featuring 12 index diamonds, a stunning black dial and stylish rose gold hands, the Tag Heuer Link Ladies Black and Rose 32MM exudes glamour. The iconic S-shaped bracelet gives it a weightless, airy feel as it sits proudly on your wrist. 


Similarly, the Tag Heuer Link Ladies Mother of Pearl Dial 32MM can provide the glitz and glamour for every look. Part of the 2017 collection the versatility of this piece makes it ideal whatever the occasion.

Top Models of Tag Heuer Link watches 

Over the years the Tag Heuer Link range has produced a number of stunning pieces. Elegance has always been crucial to Tag Heuer’s business model as can be seen with the Tag Heuer Link Ladies Blue 32MM. The blue dial gives it a soothing yet eye-catching look setting it apart from many other Link models. 


For something slightly more striking then the Tag Heuer Link Quartz Watch Diameter 32MM fits the bill with its deep blue dial and embedded diamonds.