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Citizen Eco-Drive Watches

The renowned Eco-Drive watch collection from Citizen features the world’s first sustainable, light powered timepieces. Discover the range of accessible yet innovative watches today.

History of Citizen Eco-Drive Watches 

The Eco-Drive watch collection from Citizen was born from the challenges of the 1973 oil crisis. Understanding that traditional, battery operating watches are unsustainable and damaging to the planet, Citizen set out to create an environmentally friendlier alternative. 


By 1976, Citizen had found a solution and introduced the world’s first light powered watch, the Eco-Drive. Today, the collection features a range of timepieces that are all completely powered by light. As well as solar energy sources, the watches use indoor lighting, such as artificial fluorescent sources and desk lights, to convert into power. 


Excess energy is stored on a power cell, which enables watches to keep running for months and even in darkness. As a result, watches are reliable, allowing wearers to go about their day with confidence and peace of mind. 


Since the creation of the first Eco-Drive watch, the innovative solution has continued to push boundaries and has won a number of awards along the way. 

Citizen Eco-Drive Ladies Watches 

While contemporary technology sits at the watches’ core, stylish design has not been lost, especially in the ladies’ Eco-Drive collection. The range of sustainable timepieces features designs in a number of silhouettes, colourways and materials. For example, watch cases are available in rectangular or rounded shapes, in silver, gold or rose gold colours, or with metal or leather bracelets.


With so many options to choose from, and all at an accessible price point, there truly is a watch for every citizen in the Eco-Drive collection. 

Eco-Drive Mens Watches

Citizen Eco-Drive mens watches are also just as wide-ranging and diverse. Within the collection, you will find watches in different metal types, with various functionalities and in a number of sizes. 


For example, watches include more sophisticated steel sports watches, leather strap dress watches and chronographs. But while styles and designs vary, each watch includes the same award winning light powered technology, and never needs a battery. 

Top models of Citizen Eco-Drive mens watches 

Top models of Eco-Drive watches for men include: