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Ti Sento Necklaces

Discover our collection of Ti Sento necklaces, including stylish long statement pieces, elegant pendants and short designs that sit beautifully around the neck. All pieces are crafted from high quality 925 sterling silver. Shop all Ti Sento necklace styles below.

History of Ti Sento Milano necklaces 

Ti Sento is a luxury jewellery brand that creates beautiful pieces inspired by the stylish streets of Milan, Italy. The brand was established in 2003, and since this time, has contributed a wide variety of necklace designs to the fine jewellery market. As a result, its pieces have graced the necks of fashionable women all over the world, on all types of occasions. 


Ti Sento was one of the first brands to apply the same level of skill and craftsmanship used in goldsmithing to the silver jewellery trade. Each one of its necklaces is crafted from 925 silver and handled with attention and care to ensure the final piece showcases only the highest quality standards. 


Any stones are set by a skilled hand, and then the silver necklaces are coated with rhodium plating to ensure a long lasting allure and unquestionable level of durability. While many Ti Sento necklaces retain their bright silver shine, others are coated in a gold or rose gold plating, creating a diverse range of designs to suit every individual style and preference. 

Types of Ti Sento Milano Necklaces 

The Ti Sento necklace collection includes a wide variety of styles. For example, within the range you will be able to find statement necklaces, like this gold plated snake choker necklace, as well as more understated styles, such as this sterling silver pendant with white Swarovski pearl.


Necklaces are available in a variety of lengths, ranging from chokers, short pendants and long beaded or chain designs. There is also the option to customise your own neck accessories by layering different pieces in the collection together, or choosing a pendant from our range to add to a design. 


The collection also features luxury necklace designs for every type of occasion. For example, statement Ti Sento chokers can be worn with beautiful gowns, or with a simple shirt and jeans for a more casual look. Similarly, the longer length pieces pair perfectly with elegant maxi dress styles, or the beaded designs can be layered with laid back outfits to create a Bohemian look. 


Essentially, there are endless possibilities when it comes to Ti Sento necklaces. Wearers can truly express their own individual styles with almost every piece in the collection.