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Pearl Pendants

Discover our pearl pendant collection, featuring classic and contemporary designs that are suitable for a wide range of styles, occasions and budgets. Whether you're looking for a piece to add to your collection or a gift for a loved one, find it all at Wallace Allan.

Timeless pearl pendants 

A pearl pendant is a staple in any fine jewellery collection. The delicate seawater stone adds an accent of opulence and sophistication to any outfit, explaining exactly why it is adored by lovers of luxury all over the world. 


Pearls are known as a symbol of wisdom and experience, making for a meaningful gift for a special someone, or simply, a charming accessory to keep on you at all times. And in no way can this be easier than in a beautiful pendant design. 


Thanks to their long standing reign in fine jewellery, pearls have also built a reputation for being a timeless classic. Therefore, a pearl pendant is guaranteed to become a staple in your collection for many years to come. 

Our pearl pendant collection 

Our collection of pearl pendants features designs suitable for every style and occasion. A classic pendant features a delicate chain, with a single dangling pearl. Within our range, you’ll find a variety of styles that fit this description, available in a number of colours so you can settle on the one that best suits you. 


For a classic pearl pendant with contemporary twist, our collection also features some beautiful diamond designs. Available in yellow, white and rose gold settings, you can add an element of sparkle to what is traditionally, a subtle and understated item of jewellery. This way, your pearl pendant can accompany you to all types of events and occasions. 


Discover the complete range of pearl pendants available at Wallace Allan online today.