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History of Sapphire Engagement Rings 

The use of sapphire stones in engagement rings has a long and interesting history. It is believed that the origins date back to the 11th century. Since this time, sapphires have taken on various meanings and significance, which is why they sit in some of the most cherished pieces of passed down jewellery. 


The first use of sapphires in engagement rings dates back to the 11th century, when a period of engagement to indicate an intent to marry became more and more accepted. During this time, it was believed that a sapphire would change colour if worn by an unfaithful or untruthful person, so were used as a way to test wives while husbands went to battle in the Crusades. 


It wasn’t until the 14th century that these stones began to be adored and desired for their beauty. Sapphires, along with rubies, emeralds and diamonds, were used by wealthy families in their tokens of betrothal. Consequently, sapphires took on a new meaning of love, commitment and truth.


That was until the 18th century when a fable called Le Sapphire Merviellence by Mme de Jenlis, which told the story of a colour-changing sapphire, resparked suspicions of the link between the stone and infidelity. Following this, demand for the stone, particularly in engagement rings rose drastically.


Shortly after this time, diamonds began to flood markets and gain greater popularity. However, this certainly wasn’t the end for sapphire engagement rings as their lesser availability deemed them more valuable compared to diamonds. Therefore, they remained desirable among the wealthy.


Today, when you think of a sapphire engagement ring, our minds turn instantly to royal families and A-list stars thanks to the famous figures who have upheld the prestigious and sophisticated reputation of the stone. 


But as well as these many beautiful connotations, sapphires make for the ideal way to personalise a proposal. Whether that's by having an old sapphire piece restored into a ring suitable for today, or choosing the stone because the deep blue colour is your partner's favorite shade, or it represents their birthstone. No matter what a sapphire stone means to you, it is a great choice for an engagement ring. 

Types of Sapphire Engagement Rings 

Sapphires are one of the ‘Big Three’ gemstones in jewellery, with the other two being ruby and emerald. Natural sapphires are formed deep in the earth’s crust, as a variety of the mineral corundum. These are then brought to the surface of the earth in igneous rocks and mined.


The most common type of sapphire is the recognisable blue shade we are so familiar with, but interestingly, it is possible for the stones to be created in just about every colour and tone. Although, as rubies are formed in the same way, red stones are not classified as sapphires. 


The traditional blue sapphire is the ideal choice for a vintage inspired engagement ring, particularly when paired with a traditional gold band. For a more contemporary or unique style, sapphires in pink, purple, yellow, orange, green and white or that are colourless are also available. 


Like with fancy diamonds, the greater the intensity of colour, the more value it holds. And cut, carat, and clarity also impact the value and quality of a sapphire, no matter the colour. 


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