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Sapphire Earrings

Explore our collection of authentic sapphire earrings, in styles to suit every taste, budget and occasion. Discover earrings in stud and drop designs, featuring traditional blue and stylish pink sapphire stones.

Find your sapphire style 

For centuries, sapphires have been used in fine jewellery designs due to their beauty and robustness. From engagement rings and pendants to earrings, sapphire jewellery has adorned some of the most fashionable icons throughout history. And now, you too can find a sapphire style to suit your preferences, budget and occasion. 


In its most common form, the traditional stone has a rich, blue hue. It has long been associated with sophistication, purity and faithfulness, which is why a piece of sapphire jewellery is a popular choice for gifting to a loved one. 


Today, all colours and shades of sapphire are adored for their unique beauty. The precious gemstone is available in an array of colours, including blue, pink, orange and green to name but a few. Interestingly, the only colour not available is red, as a red stone formed in the same way as a sapphire is called a ruby. #

Our collection of sapphire earrings features stunning designs with blue and pink sapphire stones. 

Discover our sapphire earring collection 

The collection of sapphire earrings available at Wallace Allan captures the true essence of the beautiful gemstone. With styles crafted into a number of different designs - including stud and drop earrings - we believe there is an option to suit everyone. 


No matter your personal preferences, or the occasion for which you are buying a new pair of fine earrings, you’ll be sure to find a style that meets your needs within the range. For example, a pair of drop earrings is the perfect accessory for formal occasions. They add a touch of glamour and a statement to your overall look. Now, a pair of drop earrings with a deep blue sapphire stone featured in them combines all this, with an elevated look of sophistication and luxury. 


Alternatively, if you are looking for something with a more fun and youthful appeal, then a pair of diamond earrings with pink sapphires is a foolproof choice. The bright pink colour adds a feminie, yet fun aspect to an overall stylish design. When combined with the bright allure of diamonds, earrings in this style are the perfect way to ensure your personality shines through your choice of outfit, no matter the setting or occasion. 


Discover our complete collection of sapphire earrings online today.