Should You Buy the DOXA SUB 200 or 300T?

Since 1898, DOXA has been producing some of the finest Swiss luxury sports timepieces on the market, with many of its models becoming firm favourites for collectors, beginners and professionals alike. 

Should You Buy the DOXA SUB 200 or 300T?

The brand originally set out to curate the finest Swiss-standard watches for any entry level sportsperson, which has led to the development of a number of recognised watch families under the DOXA name. These collections remain unrivalled for their unmatchable standards and one-of-a-kind designs, but with that, comes the tough decision of choosing the right timepiece for you. 


The DOXA SUB 200 and 300T have become two of DOXA’s most iconic and versatile watch lines, and so naturally, they come head-to-head in this blog to ensure you get all the information you need to choose the one that best suits your individual needs and preferences. 




A dive watch by design, the DOXA SUB 200 line quickly became a fan favourite thanks to its close links to the brand’s rich history. The SUB 200 is in many ways similar to the Swiss watchmaker’s models from the 60s and became an industry benchmark. 

The SUB 200 showcases a distinct look which is unlike the cushion shaped dial of higher end models, while it remains fitted with all the same high quality and innovative features, functions and movement type. 


There are countless reasons why one might opt for a DOXA SUB 200 wristwatch. Not only do these entry-level watch models look the part, but they are also fitted with an impressive range of features and functions that uphold the brand’s strong eye for innovation. Also, with it being available at an entry-level price point, the SUB 200 can appeal to the wider luxury market. 


The DOXA SUB 200 is also available in a range of colours, from the classic orange Professional and the turquoise Aquamarine, to the classic black-dialed Sharkhunter, ensuring that no watch from the SUB 200 collection is lacking in personality or charm. 




A symbol to your call of adventure is the DOXA SUB 300T. The timepiece also pays homage to the brand’s rich history and is a reinterpretation of the 1969 SUB 300T Conquistador, making it an ideal choice for any collectors who value cultural significance just as much as performance, precision and unparalleled craftsmanship. 


The SUB 300T is a bit larger than most of the DOXA SUB watches although this is only by half a millimeter, and a bit shorter (lug-to-lug distance) at 44.5mm wide. This is due to the slightly stubbier legs. It also looks bigger given the more prominent bezel structure. 


Equipped with the patented unidirectional bezel with diving table and case rated to a depth of 1200 meters, it is up to any challenge, making it the more capable diver’s watch for those who need more serious features. All dive markings in this collection feature Super-LumiNova® inserts to ensure optimal legibility underwater.


Rated to withstand pressures up to 120 bar, this timepiece is effectively waterproof to a depth of 1,200 meters with an integrated no-decompression dive time calculator and automatic helium release valve on the side of the case. 


Doxa SUB 200 vs SUB 300T: Side by Side Comparison

Let’s take a closer look at each watch family, comparing the key features, functions and characteristics.



SUB 200

SUB 300T



Sport watch / Dive watch

Sport watch / Dive Watch


Available in forged carbon, steel, and titanium

Stainless steel case


Available in stainless steel, and tone-on-tone rubber strap

Stainless steel strap in “separate Beads of Rice” style

Available in metal and rubber,

Stainless steel strap in “separate Beads of Rice” style


Available in a number of colours and designs

Six dial colour options


Unidirectional rotating bezel

Unidirectional rotating bezel

Water resistance

Up to 200m

Up to 1200m

Functionality & Features


Scratch resistant sapphire crystal,

Unidirectional rotating bezel, 

anti -reflective coating 

Date window at 3 o’clock 

Dive time and depth measurements

ETA 2824-2 Swiss automatic movement,

Super-LumiNova® inserts,

Date window at 3 o’clock,

Dive time and depth measurements



Swiss mechanical automatic,


38 hour power reserve

Swiss mechanical automatic,


38 hour power reserve



From around £910 - £950

From around £1780 - £1820

Top Models












Which Should You Buy?

At this point you should be equipped with all the important details of both the DOXA SUB 200 and 300T to help you in choosing the right timepiece. If professional grade diving is important to you, the 300T is an unrivalled classic and undisputed piece of high-tech sports equipment. Alternatively, if you want a day-to-day Swiss-grade luxury watch that is affordable but does not compromise on quality or performance, the SUB 200 is fitted with all features you would ever need. 


Though truthfully, both watches would appeal to any buyer who wants a timepiece that is visually appealing and also premiumly designed. Most of the choice will likely come down to budget between the two, as either option is a more than suitable choice for the features and functions available to each wearer. Given the extensive range on offer within both watch families, you are guaranteed to find a watch that tailors to your needs.


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