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Tag Heuer Autavia

Are you a thrillseeker? Do you have a taste for adventure? If so the Tag Heuer Autavia is the timepiece for you. Inspired by Tag Heuer’s long association with cars and aeroplanes, the sophisticated Autavia collection is designed for the modern-day adventurer. And at Wallace Allan, you can browse the very best of this adrenaline fuelled range.


History of Tag Heuer Autavia watches

Tag Heuer’s association with cars and planes has been famed for decades. In fact, one of its most famous collections, the Tag Heuer Autavia, is a celebration of exactly that and its roots can be traced all the way back to the Second World War. 


In 1933 the brand first introduced the Autavia as a dashboard clock for cars and planes, priding itself on its perfect accuracy. They proved to be a huge success and were used in a number of military planes during the war effort at the end of the 30s and into the 1940s. A variety of versions were produced meaning pilots and drivers were able to select the one that best suited their needs. 


In fact, they became so popular that Tag Heuer was commissioned to create chronograph versions of the dashboard clocks for war-time pilots. Known as the ‘Flieger’ chronographs it included one ‘pusher’ for start/stop/reset, snap-back cases and two registers with a capacity of 30 minutes. A later edition also included a second ‘pusher’ so pilots had the additional functionality of time-in and time-out. 


After the war, Tag Heuer moved away from its Autavia range but in the 1960s it made a triumphant return. In 1962 the new Autavia was launched and came complete with a number of transformative features. 


As well as being one of the brand’s very first automatic chronographs, it also included a rotating bezel, Valjoux movement and interchangeable straps. One of Tag Heuer’s oldest ranges it is certainly the most daring and became a favourite among racing drivers being donned by the legendary Swiss Formula 1 star Jo Siffert in the 70s. The brand presented him with a custom made Autavia which featured a white dial and black registers. 


The modern Autavia was announced in 2019 and takes much of its inspiration from the very original chronographs but includes some contemporary twists. Understanding that many pilots or adventurers will be navigating under the blanket of darkness many of the collection’s models include brightly lit hands and Super-LumiNova technology to guide those who wear it. 


While the new version provides today’s generation with everything they need to navigate the adventures of modern life, many of its features are inspired by the models of the past. 


Tag Heuer Autavia price range

The Tag Heuer Autavia has a wide range of models. The price range in this collection is varied so simply browse the Wallace Allan selection to find what’s best for you. 

Top models of Tag Heuer Autavia watches 

Whether you’re an avid adventurer looking for a piece to suit your lifestyle or simply want a watch that looks and feels good, you’ll be sure to find something appropriate with Tag Heuer Autavia. 


Inspired by pilot watches of years gone by the Tag Heuer Autavia Automatic Chronometer Bronze 42mm is vintage in design but modern in functionality. It includes the cutting edge Super-LumiNova for advanced readability as well as a tough titanium case. 


If you really want to journey into the past then the Tag Heuer Autavia Automatic Chronometer Blue 42mm is right up your street. The slick design is complemented with a simplistic and easy-to-read dial all brought together with a stunning navy finish.