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Oris Divers Watches 2

The Oris Divers Sixty Five collection features modern timepieces that take inspiration from the Swiss brand’s iconic 1965 model. Shop the range of state of the art watches with a retro twist.

History of Oris Divers Watches

The range of watches available in the Oris Sixty Five Divers collection today were introduced to the brand’s extensive collection in 2015. Despite being fairly new to the market, they take inspiration from Oris’ legendary diving watches that were around in 1965. 


The original 1965 models could be distinguished by their rotating bezel, a 100m depth rating and luminous indices. Many of the watches from the current collection feature some of the same designs and functions, but leverage modern technology to make them highly practical for today’s wearers.


Since their 2015 reintroduction, Oris have continued to develop and expand its collection of diving watches. 

Oris Men's Divers Watches

Through the innovation and expansion of the Oris Sixty Five Divers watch collection, the range of men’s timepieces available today is one of the most varied and eclectic on the diving watch market. 


This is particularly true in terms of size, style and design, meaning there really is a watch for everyone in the collection. 


Watches are available in sizes ranging from 36mm - 43mm and in a range of metals, including steel and bronze. But, no matter the material of the watch’s case, models can come with either metal or rubber bracelets. Not only does this make the range of watches incredibly versatile, it allows wearers to choose one that perfectly suits their lifestyle. 

Top Models of Oris Divers Watches

Although there are many models to choose from in the Oris Sixty Five Divers collection, there are some standout editions. For example, the Sixty Five Divers Movember watch is a special edition timepiece from the collection, for which the brand partnered with the Movember men’s health charity. Not only did the watch raise awareness of the cause, a portion of the sales were donated to the charity. 


Similarly, the Divers Sixty Five Clean Up watch is another special edition timepiece which showed support for World Clean Up Day 2018. The watch’s strap was made from recycled materials, which has allowed the brand to do their bit for the environment and demonstrated how the industry can become more sustainable. 


The Oris Divers Sixty Five Bronze Strap Watch is another notable model. It’s the design and detail that make this watch stand out. Featuring bronze links in the bracelet, a bronze bezel and sleek dial details, this is a guaranteed eye catcher.