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Oris Big Crown Watches

Oris SA has become one of the most recognisable models in the watchmaking industry for its dedication to pieces that support aviation. The Oris Big Crown is arguably its biggest line that achieves this. Now more than 80 years old, it remains a big hit among modern consumers both in the air and on the ground.

Oris Big Crown History

In 1938, the world stood on the edge of war on a scale humanity had never experienced. As men all over the world prepared for the horror, Oris was preparing to release a line of watches that would help the heroes of the sky on an unprecedented level.


It may seem frivolous to release timepieces on the brink of war but the Oris Big Crown was a watch specifically designed for pilots at a time where precision and accuracy was everything. The distinguishing feature of the piece was, of course, its Big Crown. The size of the crown allowed pilots to easily manoeuvre and adjust their watches while wearing big leather gloves. Something that had proved to be a problem in the past. 


The Big Crown also included a Pointer Calendar feature so pilots could record exact timings when in the air.


It is no exaggeration to say that if it were not for the Oris Big Crown, the brand would look very different today. The piece really put the company on the map as Oris made aviation watches a key component of the business. 


In 1999, Oris added a new piece to its pilot watches. The BC3 modernised aviation watches with a slick and clear design and a stainless steel case that absorbs opposed to deflects light ensuring vision is not compromised. This led to the Oris BC3 being released. 


Today, Oris Big Crown remains the jewel in the company’s crown. It is the timepiece it has become best known for and one which people are still desperate to own.


In 2018, the Big Crown 80th anniversary edition was released in honour of the collection. Featuring a bronze strap and case along with a green bezel dial, it harks back to its 30s roots while maintaining all the functionality required to make it a success in the modern era. It can be purchased in both 36mm and 40mm sizes and, of course, includes that all-important Pointer Date.

Oris Big Crown Ladies Watch

Popular among the ladies due to its stylish look, the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Red Watch 40MM has it all. 


Along with a stunning stainless steel strap and brooding red coloured dial, it includes a scratch-resistant surface to save it from the wear and tear of modern life. 

Oris Big Crown Men’s watch

You don’t need to be a fighter pilot to don one of Oris’ famed Big Crown watches and there are many to choose from. 


The Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Blue Watch 40MM is a great place to start. Including a vintage-style leather strap for added comfort, this model also has the famous automatic winding pointer date developed exclusively by Oris.


Or, if you’d like a real celebration of the past, then you should go for the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date 80th Anniversary Edition 40MM? The dark green dial is a real throwback to Oris’ heritage and the original piece. 

Top Models of Oris Big Crown Watches

Whether tradition or innovation is your thing, the Oris Big Crown has a model for everyone. 


If you need a reminder of the rich watchmaking heritage that dominates the Oris brand, then look no further than the Oris Big Crown 1917 Limited Edition. Beneath the smart silver dial lays minimalist indexes all held together in a luxurious stainless steel case. The whole piece is tied together expertly with a brown leather strap.


For something a bit different, try the Oris Roberto Clemente Limited Edition. Dedicated to the baseball legend who sadly passed away during a plane crash in Nicaragua, this piece comes with an additional NATO strap. The light white dial helps it to stand out while the steel case encapsulates that stylish feel.