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Oris Artelier Watches 2

Among the many watchmakers, Switzerland boasts a brand so intertwined with innovation and heritage that it’s like wearing a piece of history on your wrist. Over the years, Oris has produced numerous pieces steeped in classic design and none more so than the iconic Oris Artelier.

History of Oris Artelier Watches

Not far from the French border sits the Swiss municipality of Hölstein, the humble home of Oris SA. Switzerland has birthed many a famous watchmaker over the years and when Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded the company in 1904, they would add their names to many a legendary designer. 


Naming the company after the nearby brook, Oris, they began manufacturing pocket watches and had soon become one of the biggest employers within their locality. A few years later they opened a factory in Ziefen and branched out to make wristwatches and alarm clocks. Fast forward some 100 years and Oris SA remains one of the world’s most successful watch manufacturers.


Over the years, Oris SA strived to be at the forefront of revolutionary watchmaking serving the wider industry as well as its own efforts. Many of the innovations the Oris team worked on found themselves as part of the Oris Artelier watch family. 


For instance, in 1997, the brand launched its Worldtimer. Including buttons on either side of the case meaning local time can be adjusted accordingly when crossing time zones. The date updates itself depending on what time has been inputted. This watch used patented technology to achieve this, something the Artelier would see come its way.


In 2003 the Artelier collection was officially launched. This series was designed to incorporate the brand’s innovative style such as high-functioning calibres like the 111 and 12 which were developed in-house by Oris. 


In terms of the Artelier’s design, it takes inspiration from classic models of the past recreating Oris’ history in a modern yet nostalgic manner. 


Many of Oris’ most complex yet pioneering mechanical masterpieces can be found inside the brand’s Artelier collection. 


Recently the brand released its Artelier Worldtimer Greenwich Mean Time Limited Edition, a nod to the original Worldtimer of the 90s. This new creation features two timezone pushers and automatically changes the date both forward and backwards when necessary making it the perfect travel companion for international jet setting.

Top Models of Oris Artelier watches

Classicism redefined with innovation is what the Oris Artelier looks to achieve and over the years numerous pieces have been released to meet this demand.


The Oris Artelier Skeleton Watch 40MM is the first skeleton watch the line has ever created. Through the dial, the wearer is exposed to a beautiful view of the mechanics of the piece meaning you can see it in all its glory as it sits on your wrist. A truly unique watch wearing experience. 


If you’re more focused on the aesthetics, then look no further than the Oris Artelier Date Bracelet Watch 40MM. The black, patterned dial is remarkably striking and can be worn with a leather or metal strap.