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Omega Constellation Watches

The Constellation was one of Omega’s first mass-produced models, as well as their first to go on to becoming a series. Today’s collection remains true to the Swiss brand’s traditional styles, but combines cutting edge technology, making them the perfect modern day timepiece.

History of the Omega Constellation watch

The first Constellation watch was introduced by Omega in 1952. Since this time, models have undergone various changes and developments, which allows them to keep up with evolving technological advancements in watchmaking and thus, functional to the modern day wearer. 

The most notable change in the design of the watches in the family occurred in 1982. This was the introduction of the “claws” fixed to the bezel of designs in the Constellation Manhattan line. This feature has become an iconic aspect of the watches, setting them apart from all other models from the brand and other luxury watchmakers. 

The Omega brand enjoys a strong association to space, which is only reinforced by this family of watches. Over the years, Omega has taken part in many observatory trials, and the Constellation collection pays homage to that very fact with a five pointed star present on dials and an observatory cupola engraved on case backs. 

Omega Constellation ladies’ watches

The Omega Constellation watches for women feature some of the brand’s most chic and elegant designs. While many of their other collections feature sportier styles, the Constellation family pairs Omega’s second to none functionality with classic, timeless styles. 

For this reason, watches in the collection are ideal for any and every occasion. And with various strap materials, sizes and diamond detailings to choose from, there is guaranteed to be a model to suit every taste and preference. 

Omega Constellation men’s watches

The Omega Constellation watch collection for men is a unique alternative to all others offered by the Swiss brand. With leather straps, sleep watch faces and a choice of precious metals, models are ideal for those who enjoy the finer things in life. 

Traditional in design, these watches are the perfect everyday accessory, complementing a range of styles and aesthetic preferences. 

Top models of Omega Constellation watches

The Constellation family features some of Omega’s oldest designs, which is why they are sought-after by collectors from all around the world. Notable models include the Globemaster Annual Calendar, which unlike most other luxury watches, features a unique calendar function around the dial, whereby months are written between each hour marker.

The ladies’ Co-Axial Master Chronometer is truly a thing of beauty. If the 18K Sedna gold detailing and diamond bezel were not enough, the blue speckled dial likens constellations in the night sky. And powered by Omega’s renowned Co-Axial Master Chronometer calibre 8700, functionality is not lost among its elegant design.