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Gucci Grip Watches

The Gucci Grip collection is inspired by 70’s cool kids. Designed by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, shop the line of unisex watches by the Italian luxury brand at Wallace Allan.

History of Gucci Grip Watches 

The Gucci Grip collection of watches is a fairly new addition to the Italian luxury designer brand’s line of fashion and accessory items. The collection was first introduced in 2019. 


Despite this, having been designed with skaters of the 1970s in mind, Grip watches are nothing short of character and charm. 


Gucci creative director, Alessandro Michele has taken inspiration from the unique styles and personas of skateboarders from the late 1970s and has created a collection of watches that pays homage to the iconic period. 


And not just through their design features. Rather, the name “Grip” is a reference to the way in which a skateboarder’s shoes stick to the grip tape on the board.

Key Features of Gucci Grip Watches

Gucci Grip watches are a guaranteed conversation starter. Firstly, it should be noted that range of watches are unisex, meaning they can be worn and supported by all. This is certainly somewhat of a rarity in the watch world. 


Next, the dial and case design are what really make these watches stand out from all others on the market. Grip watches feature three windows on the watch face. With rotary disks located underneath the metal face, all that is on show through the windows is the current hour, minute and date. 


The typeface of the numbers is in a vintage style, which can be likened to that used on early digital watches in the 70s. Gucci Grip watches are available in solid steel, yellow gold PVD or with a leather strap in a variety of colours. 

Top Models of Gucci Grip Watches

All watches from the Gucci Grip collection are guaranteed to be unique to any others available on the market, making every model the ideal piece for someone wanting to truly make a statement with their wrist accessory. 


The Gucci Grip yellow gold PVD model and the solid stainless steel edition are available in 33mm and 35mm. These models also feature the iconic Gucci interlocking ‘G’ logo in a pattern across the face and along the bracelet. 


There is also a black PVD edition, which is a sleek everyday accessory. The leather bracelet models are available with a burgundy, green or green alligator strap. 


Unlike the simple watch face of others in the collection, the Gucci Grip Steel Chronograph watch showcases its chronograph functionality with just two windows for the hour and minutes. The steel plate on the watch face and logo hand add subtle details that only make this model more distinguishable and stylish.