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Garmin Tactix Delta Watches

Discover the range of Tactix Delta smartwatches from Garmin. Combining innovation and style with specialised tactical features, the range includes some of the most advanced sports watches on offer. Shop the collection at Wallace Allan.

History of Garmin Tactix Delta Watches 

Garmin is a well known technology provider, specialising in portable, handheld and wearable GPS navigation devices. Since diversifying into the world of watches, Gramin has truly stayed ahead of the curve in terms of smart and sports watches. And the Tactix Delta collection is no exception. 


The watches are designed for every kind of outdoor adventure. Having been built to military standard (MIL-STD-810), watches in the collection are guaranteed to be robust, technologically advanced and reliable, no matter the mission. 

Key Features of Garmin Tactix Delta Watches 

Garmin is known for its GPS navigation capability, which is present in all watches in the collection. As well as this, wearers can use their Garmin Tactix Delta watches to play music and for contactless payments, as standard. 


Watches also come with a whole host of fitness tracking functions. This includes everything from basic step counting, distance tracking and heart rate monitoring, right through to respiration tracking and body energy level monitoring. 


Watches can be used for a range of sports with features including golf course maps, skiing and climbing metrics, surfing functions and various pre-loaded sports apps. 


Specific to this particular range of watches, however, are the tactical features. These include night vision capability, stealth mode, kill switch, jumpmaster mode and location syncing with others. 

Top Models of Garmin Tactix Delta Watches 

The Garmin Tactix Delta collection includes a number of top models. The newest addition to the family is the Garmin Tactix Delta Sapphire Edition. This is the most advanced model in the collection so far, and saw the introduction of a revolutionary ‘Stealth Mode’, which disables all GPS storing and sharing, as well as wireless connectivity and any other communication. 


The Solar Edition with Ballistics is another notable model. This particular watch is solar powered and features an Applied Ballistics software, which is a built in ballistics calculator that calculates aim solutions for long range shooting in the field.