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DOXA SUB 1500T Watches 2

True to DOXA’s pioneering spirit, the SUB 1500T breaks new ground for a diving watch designed to appeal to professionals. With innovative designs and aesthetic appeal, there are very few watches that compete with the style and stature of DOXA models within this range.

History of DOXA SUB 1500T watches 

The history of DOXA watches first began in 1889 in the small Swiss town of Le Locle where the brand established itself among the watchmaking elite for its revolutionary 8 day mechanical movement. Today, DOXA is renowned for its remarkable diving watches and limited edition watches that have become essentials for beginners, luxury watch collectors, professional and military divers alike.


The DOXA SUB 1500T range follows the spirit of the SUB 300T Conquistador introduced in 1969, the first general public diving watch to meet the pressure challenge with the helium release valve. The SUB 1500T proves a worthy successor, designed to be an authentic diver’s watch built to withstand the toughest of challenges. Still paying tribute to the SUB 300T Conquistador, it sports the same patented unidirectional rotating bezel and integrated helium relief valve as its legendary predecessor.


For decades, diving watches mostly had the look and feel of military or professional equipment and seemed like a necessary tool rather than an innovation accessory. DOXA saw the need for an affordable, dependable and purpose-designed watch for the growing community of underwater explorers and so DOXA’s engineers gave diver needs precedence and curated the unmatchable SUB 1500T range.

What makes DOXA SUB 1500T watches unique?

The DOXA SUB 1500T range is a true fan favourite because it does not fail to meet the pressures and expectations that are at the core of a diver’s watch. DOXA does not do easy – every aspect of what makes up a true diver’s watch has been explored, examined, and thought through until the optimum design solutions were found.

Why choose a DOXA SUB 1500T watch?

As far as wrist watches go, DOXA has established itself as one of the finest Swiss grade timepieces available on the market, challenging the likes of Rolex and Omega for their affordable price tag and highly professional craftsmanship. For professional divers, the DOXA SUB 1500T is an unrivalled choice, with benchmark standard capability and aesthetic. 


Key features of DOXA SUB 1500T watches include:


  • Water resistant up to 1,500m
  • Cushion-shaped 316L steel case
  • Unidirectional rotating bezel
  • Helium release valve
  • Sizeable case
  • Six dial colour options
  • Metal and rubber bracelet options

Best-selling DOXA SUB 1500T watches 

For a timepiece that meets the requirements of an authentic diver’s watch but can adapt to suit any formal or causal event, the Caribbean SUB 1500T is a worthy choice. The watch features a stainless steel strap attached by screws to ensure a secure fit and a folding clasp with wetsuit extension to withstand the toughest of challenges. The design is minimal and classic with an ink blue face for a masculine finish. The SUB 1500T is rated at 150 ATM for dives and depths up to 1,500 meters and pays tribute to the SUB 300T Conquistador featuring the same patented unidirectional rotating bezel and integrated helium relief valve. There is nothing this watch cannot do.


For a standout timepiece that is sure to attract attention, the DOXA SUB 1500T Aquamarine Rubber is a striking design that combines vivid aquamarine on the face and rubber bracelet. The rubber gives a sporty edge to a classic watch and will not be missed in the depths of those deep dives. Its cushion-shaped case is made of 316L stainless steel of the highest quality. All the elements that provide dive mission-critical information are equipped with a Super‑LumiNova® luminescent coating to ensure optimum legibility underwater. A watch with unique DOXA character.


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