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Platinum Wedding Rings

Discover our stylish collection of platinum wedding rings for men and women. Available in timeless band designs and crafted from a bright and durable precious metal type, these wedding rings are the ideal way to symbolise your everlasting love.

Why choose a platinum wedding ring?

For decades, platinum wedding rings have been the go-to choice for couples. This is largely due to the precious metal type’s long list of properties, which make it an incredibly suitable material for everyday wear. 


Notably, platinum is one of the most durable types of metal. In fact, in ancient Egypt, platinum was often found in statues and artefacts for this very reason. Similarly, in the early 1900s, after platinum mining and extracting practices had advanced, the material was labelled a ‘strategic mineral’ and was adopted by militaries and armies for its strength and resistance against impact. 


Characteristics of platinum wedding rings include;


Platinum wedding rings for women

Platinum wedding rings are a popular choice among many women. This has a lot to do with the bright and luxurious allure of the metal. As a precious piece of jewellery that will be worn daily for the rest of your life, this allure helps add a touch of glamour to your everyday style. 


Platinum engagement rings are adored for the same reason. Therefore, as more women receive a platinum engagement ring, wedding rings in the same metal are often chosen to be worn alongside their existing piece. This is recommended for anyone wanting to wear both rings after their big day, as metal consistency helps to prevent tarnishing or scratches. 


Our collection features a number of platinum wedding ring options for women, with designs suitable for every kind of style. For example, our platinum court bands provide ultimate comfort and are available in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thicknesses, depending on your individual preference. Despite the plain band style, these rings are incredibly versatile and can be worn in addition to a platinum engagement ring, or alone for a timeless and sophisticated look. 

Men’s platinum wedding rings

The hardwearing nature of platinum makes it an ideal material for men’s wedding rings. The ring will be able to withstand any daily knocks and contacts without causing too much damage. Of course, removing rings before any kind of intense hands on task is always recommended. However, with a platinum ring, you get additional peace of mind in the case you’re unable to remove your ring before hands on tasks. 


Our platinum wedding ring collection for men features a number of stylish and classic designs. For example, the court styles available in 5mm thickness are simple, comfortable and perfect for every day. Or, this plain band option showcases a wider width but slimmer thickness, creating a style that is more contemporary. 


Discover the complete platinum wedding ring collection available at Wallace Allan online today.