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3 Stone Engagement Rings

Symbolising your past, present and future with your partner, a 3 stone engagement ring is the perfect token of love. Discover our collection of 3 stone diamond and gemstone engagement rings below.

History & Meaning of 3 Stone Engagement Rings 

For centuries, engagement rings have been gifted to symbolise an intent to marry. They are one of the most significant material signs of commitment, behind wedding rings, and a true symbol of love. 


Over the years, designs and styles of wedding rings have changed. One that has remained consistent however, is the inclusion of multiple stones on a gold, white gold or platinum band. In the Victorian era, rings featuring multiple stones were often used to add a personal touch to a proposal, with the first letter of the name of each stone spelling out words or names relevant to the receiver. 


Although, 3 stone engagement rings, or trilogy or trinity rings as they are often called, were brought to market in the form we see today in 2001 by diamond specialist, De Beers. Much like the company’s successful advertising campaign which increased the desirability of diamonds, its 3 stone engagement ring campaign changed perceptions and drove demand for the style, too.


3 stone rings were marketed as a way to symbolise a couple’s past, present and future together. Initial designs featured a large central diamond with a smaller stone on either side. However today, 3 stone rings have taken on new meanings for couples, with some believing stones represent friendship, love and fidelity, three of the most important building blocks for a strong relationship. Others have found religious meaning in their trilogy rings, with the three stones representing the father, son and the holy spirit. 


Clearly, there are various interpretations of 3 stone engagement rings, which is just another reason they are so popular among couples looking for a personal way to symbolise their love. 

What Makes a 3 Stone Engagement Ring Unique?

As well as the meaning behind 3 stone engagement rings, there are a number of other things that make them unique. The choice of stones is one of these, as there are countless possibilities for the combination of diamonds, gems, or both. 


The original trilogy rings featured white or colourless diamonds. There would usually be one large stone in the centre and two smaller, twin stones on either side. This pattern is still common today, but there are also numerous variations to choose from. 


For example, it is possible for all three stones to be uniform in setting, size, colour and cut, or for different types of stones to be used, including gems such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires, either solely or combined with diamonds. 

Types of Three Stone Engagement Rings 

Here at Wallace Allan, we stock a wide variety of 3 stone diamond and gemstone engagement rings suitable for every style and preference. Some of our popular designs include: 



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