5 Stone Engagement Rings

When on the hunt for an engagement ring, why settle for one stone when you can have five? Explore our collection of beautiful and stylish 5 stone diamond and precious gemstone engagement rings.

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History & Meaning of 5 Stone Engagement Rings 

Engagement rings have been gifted as a symbol of love and commitment for centuries. The very first engagement rings were simple gold or iron bands, but as time passed and the meaning behind the period of engagement changed, so did the style of rings. 


It became more and more common for engagement rings to feature diamonds and other gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires, and for the bands themselves to be made from other precious metals, including white gold, rose gold and platinum. 


Since then, very little has changed, as the inclusion of diamonds and stones in engagement rings is now the standard. While single stones are certainly the most popular and common designs, rings featuring multiple diamonds and gems are not rare. 


In fact, during the Victorian era, rings featuring numerous stones were incredibly popular, with many opting for them as a way to personalise their proposal. Interestingly, it was common for the first letter of the name of each stone used in the ring to spell out a world that meant something to the receiver, whether it was a name or something else.


More recently, 3 stone rings have become much more desirable thanks to a clever marketing strategy by diamond specialist, De Beers. But for those looking for something more unique, eye catching and that will make a sure-fire statement, a 5 stone engagement ring is certainly a more than appropriate choice.


While there is no official or agreed meaning behind a 5 stone ring, there is charm in the opportunity for couples to create their own story. Whether that’s through use of stones that spell out a word, or perhaps the five stones each representing a memory, characteristic, promise or simply, the years their relationship has spanned. 


Whatever it may be, the meaning is definitely open for interpretation, which only adds to the beauty of a 5 stone engagement ring. 

Types of 5 Stone Engagement Rings 

5 stone engagement rings are available in a variety of styles and designs. It is possible to find rings in just about every metal type, including yellow, white and rose gold as well as platinum. 


The metal you choose simply depends on your style, or your partner’s if you are buying it for a surprise proposal. It’s best to stick with the metal type usually worn by the wearer of the ring, as this will ensure it matches their existing collection and will also help prevent tarnishing, which can occur when metal types are mixed. 


The countless possibilities for patterns and combinations of stones is another way to tailor a ring. You can opt for a row of classic diamonds, gemstones - one that represents a birthstone or favourite colour perhaps - or a combination of the two. 


In terms of patterns, unique designs can be achieved by alternating two different stones, having a single, unique central stone, or opting for a ring with a gradual sizing design whereby the stones increase in size the closer they get to the one in the centre. 


For an idea of what is possible with a 5 stone engagement ring, take a look at these examples from our collection: 


Caring for a 5 Stone Ring 

Just like any engagement ring or precious piece of jewellery, a 5 stone ring needs to be handled with care and serviced often to ensure it remains looking its best. While the band can be easily cleaned and polished, no matter the metal type, the stones require an expert eye and professional tools to be maintained. 


Damage to stones can often be overlooked by an untrained eye, but an expert will be able to take a closer look and ensure they have not come loose or experienced any scratches or knocks. 


This is particularly important with a 5 stone engagement ring as the diamonds or gems are the focal point of the piece, and any damage can dramatically impact the charm and beauty of the ring. 


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